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Ice cream!

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That's not nice of you to tease me Mom.(she didn't get any since it was chocolate).

O.K. I forgive you.
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Awwww!!! What a beautiful calico!!
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Awww, not nice meowmy!

She's a beautiful girl!
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Such a tease! I fancy ice cream now, but there isn`t any. See what you did?!
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What a beautiful kitty!
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You'll just have to get vanilla ice cream next time so she can share. Or at least put whipped cream on top so she can share that.

She's gorgeous! And she looks so soft!
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Awwww she looks like she's smiling in the last picture, gorgeous
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You are such tease look at that poor girl begging
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Yea daddy wasn't too happy with me teasing her either.
At least she forgave me but the deal was to share next time.
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