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My kitty has picked up some weird biting issues over the past few weeks that i am concerned with.

First, sometimes when we are just sitting together lounging on the couch, he will be sitting next to me purring contently (or so i think?), and the next thing i know, he lunges at me and bites my arm. Then he usually lets out an angry meow and takes off. It's really beginning to weird me out, because at first i thought it must be taking place when i'm petting him and i suddenly touch him in a way he doesn't like, but now it seems to happen when i am not even bothering him, and i'm not sure why he does it.

Along the same lines, sometimes he will attack me as i'm walking through the house, biting at my ankles and swatting at my legs (and he is not declawed, so ouch!).

i have heard that cats like to chase after ankles since they are moving objects sometimes, but i am really more concerned with the biting attacks when we are just sitting together. is there an obvious reason for this that I'm missing? and also is there an effective method to teach him that it is really not polite to bite the hand that feeds him? how should i react when he does it?
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well now i feel dumb because i just noticed the sticky threads with all the helpful advice. i guess now my next question is about the suggestion to buy feliway products. i went to the website and it says they are all about stopping urination, but my cat doesn't do any of that outside of his box. does it help calm them at all? does anyone have any personal experience/reviews of the feliway products? are they worth buying?
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I have had good luck with Feliway for one of my boys for spraying, he gets very upset when he sees cats outside his window. We went months without him spraying at all. Mine are all indoor cats. Feliway can calm them down for other type of emotional problems also. You will probably be getting good suggestions from others soon. Good luck.
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How old is your kitty, Lianne?
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He is 3 years old. He's fixed and does not spray. He didnt have this biting issue when i first adopted him (september) but for the past month he's picked it up. I am thinking maybe there is just some stress factor going on in my house that I'm not aware of that he obviously doesn't like? Or maybe i havent been giving him enough lovin' for his liking since I have been working a few extra hours due to the recent holidays and whatnot..

he is sitting on my lap very content right now, i wish he'd stay like this all the time =)
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Originally Posted by lianne View Post
Or maybe i havent been giving him enough lovin' for his liking since I have been working a few extra hours due to the recent holidays and whatnot..
Or you could be giving him too much loving, and he's being overstimulated.

We have a problem of some of the neighborhood outside cats coming into our yard and getting into 'spats' where Zane can hear them. He gets all worked up; I've learned to LEAVE HIM ALONE until he calms down on his own. (Especially if he starts growling or making other odd sounds.)
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