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Not the same after shots.

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I took Marley to the vet January 2nd. He was diagnosed with auto immune diesase. He got an antibiotic shot, a b-12 shot, and a deop medril shot.
Ever since then he has not been the same. The first 4-5 days he was very groggy and just followed me around everywhere. I called the vet the following Monday and they said that it is normal for him to act sleepy and not interested in much and as long as he is eating and drinking he is fine. The vet said he would probably be like this for about another week or so.
Well, today is a week from when I spoke to the vet and he is still not himself. He hasn't had any of his kitty crazies he used to have when he would tear through the house jumping off the furniture and running like a mad man. He played a bit this weekend but never by himself...he used to play by himself all the time. He seems so uninterested in the dog, not normal. He used to constantly sneak attach the dog, play with the dog all the time. Now he wants nothing to do with him. What did I do to my kitty?? I feel horrible, like I shouldn't have let the vet give him all those shots, but I also know he needed them. His acne spots are gone, his eyes aren't watery and he isn't sneezing anymore. But still, I feel bad!
Im wondering if the anitbiotic he is on is contuning to make him different. It's amoxicillin. Today is the last day for it so hopefully he will get back to his normal crazy self!! I REALLY miss the playfulness and how he was always doing something to make me laugh, now he just seems grumpy.

Sorry for the long post.
Can anyone that has delt with this say if it truely is normal for him to be so out of wack for such a long time??
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I do not know anything about the b12 shot but I do know about the depo medrol shot.
Coco has never acted that way with a depo shot.
She did get lumps that would last 2 months from it though.
I know some cats will not eat with certain antibiotics.
I am not sure if the one you are using will make them tired.
Coco can not have the depo medrol shot anymore because she gets bladder problems from them.
Here are some links for you.
This is from a asthma site but it has what the depo side effects are.
Coco has asthma and allergies.

I found this on b12 but its not a cat site.

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I would give him a day or two off the antibiotic to see if he turns around as the could very well be the problem. If not, I would call the vet back then. The B12 typically has the exact opposite effect, gives them more energy and makes them want to eat more. I'm unsure about the depo or antibiotic shot he got.
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