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blocked up nose?!?

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since nala got home with us she hid straight under a dusty old cabinet and when we got her out i noticed she had a bit of a watery eye. this was on friday 9th of this month. shes been sneezing a few times a day and when she breathes through her nose she sounds very stuffy sometimes. we are going to take her to the vets soon but is there any tips for clearing her stuffy nose?
she seems happy enough when shes cuddling on the bed and when shes playing.

help will be much appreciated
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steam the bathroom up really well and take her in with you. the steam will help loosen up the congestion.

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thanks leslie. we tried that yesterday but she was so scared of the sound of the shower and we dont have a bath. she clawed my girlfriend up so we took her back to the room shes staying in atm untill we let her into the rest of the house.
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Run the shower and get it nice and steamy in the bathroom, then shut the shower off and take her into the bathroom with you. You can just be in there with her or take some toys in there and play with her. Stay in there until the steam dissipates.

Another option is investing in a vaporizer or humidifier. These are often used with babies and children who are congested to help them breathe. You can find them at the pharmacy or here in the states, most grocery stores sell them.
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