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This cat is located in Meriden, Connecticut. Fosters can be from any distance someone is willing to drive. I am posting this on behalf of a worker at the Meriden County Humane Society. I don't know if anyone is anywhere near Connecticut, but perhaps someone knows a fellow cat lover in that area.

This is Solider, a semi-feral cat that has been living at the Meriden Humane Society in Meriden, Connecticut since he was 9 weeks old. I say semi-feral since he has been in contact with humans from a young age and is not completely wild. He is simply rather scared of people and needs someone to work with him on this. He is part of a "troop" of cats that was abandoned at the shelter a year ago.
Soldier adores other cats, but he is terribly frightened of most people. The shelter staff has been working with him very hard. Those working with him want to emphasize that just because Soldier is scared, this doesn't mean he isn't a good cat. He will let people pet him and every once and a while he'll even push his head up into your hand, demanding a pet! He also loves Chicken & Shrimp Meow Mix cups. The worker who contacted me about Soldier says that out of the over 100 cats currently at the shelter, Soldier is by far her favorite.

Soldier should only go to a home with adults or older children and teenagers who can understand Soldier's special needs at the moment. He should also only go to a dog-free household. A dog would probably terrify poor Soldier so much that he would hide and never come out. It would also be nice if he had a single room or area to stay in at first, rather than the entire house. This will reduce the places he can hide and also keep from overwhelming him too much.
Solider is in need of an understanding person who realizes he is scared and will give him the love he deserves and appreciate his independence. Soldier will need a quiet home where there are limited places for him to hide. He needs to go somewhere that is quiet and comfortable, so that he may gain his confidence with people.

Soldier is up-to-date with routine shots, neutered, and house trained.
He currently does not have the best litterbox habits. This is believed to be a side effect of his weight loss, which is a result of his constant physical activity in the cat room! He tends to go wherever he is sitting; however, he usually urinates in the litterbox.
The shelter will pay for food, litter, and vet expenses. They will also provide food dishes and litter boxes, if needed.
Foster families can be from any distance that can be comfortably driven. The shelter wants to be close enough in case he Solider needs to be returned or if there is an emergency; yet, for the most part, any distance a foster family is willing to drive is acceptable.

Anyone interested in more information on Soldier can contact the Meriden Humane Society:
Phone: (203) 238-3650
They can also email foster applications if anyone is coming from a distance and would like to get an application in before making the trip. (Obviously they won't force anyone to take him just because they put in an application. It's entirely non-binding.)