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YAY!! my daughter has accomplished...

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How to tie her shoes!!!

She is only 4 and been working soooo hard for the last few weeks lol..

She is so proud of herself

......and yes mommy is as well
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Nice, good for her I think I was in Kindergarten before I learned, and my big brother taught me
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That's great news.....I love the proud mommy moments

My one daughter was in between 3 and 4, my other daughter didn't master it till she was 7.
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Good for her That is a big accomplishment for a little person.

Funny story about shoe tying, when I start school my teacher noticed that I tied my shoes backwards, she was quite concerned that there was something wrong with me causing me to see things backwards. She went as far as to call my parents in about having me tested which was when she discovered that my Mom was left-handed and I was right so I was tying my shoes with my right hand but doing it from a left-handed perspective.

45 years later and I still tie my shoes backwards.
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She is left handed so I thought for sure she would really struggle, but she has it down to a "t"
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fanastic. My 5 year old has no interest in tying her shoes. Mom can't you just buy the ones the stick together
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I remember wearing velcro shoes until first grade.
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Shoe-tying is one of the important things in life. On the playground, the kids who know how to tie shoes do it for the ones who don't!
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Sounds like a special treat is in order. Congrats to both of you
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