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Vibes for Bandit

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Bandit is a cat that came into our shelter on Saturday. He's an unneutered male 2-3 years old. He, a female cat we named Tessa & her 2 kittens were left at the door in a box. Tessa doesn't want to eat, but is mostly scared, the kittens are just fine. Bandit is probably in the worst shape. He has a bad URI, with bronchitis & an infected bite wound on his right hip. I ended up taking him to a vet last night because he was so lethargic & the infection scared me & the shelter director. I had already given him 100 sub-q & injectable antibiotics. There wasn't much the vet could do, but she did clean the wound up a little bit & over time the antibiotics must have kicked in because by the time we got back to the shelter he was eating like crazy. He still needs to go into a vet today to have the wound cleaned up, but given his URI the sedation is a risk. Through all of the poking & proding he was an angel & purred every time he was petting. Please send vibes that this sweet boy pulls through & finds the home he deserves!!!
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For Bandit and the other abandonned kitties!
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sending tons of for bandit to find a loving home really soon and for his quick recovery. and more for tessa and her kittens to also find homes too.
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lots of for Bandit, and some for Tessa and the kittens too
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Get better soon Bandit
What a sweet boy to purr after being poked about
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Awwww, bandit Sending many vibes for him
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Get well quick, Bandit!
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He went to our vet yesterday to be tested for Feluk & FIV, have his wound cleaned, debreeded (SP?), a drain if needed & possibly get neutered. He will be picked up & brought back to the shelter this afternoon. He's a tuff sweet guy who deserves to be treated like a king. Keep those vibes comming. The healing from an infected bite wound can take a while.
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So I stopped by the shelter to check on Bandit last night. He looked a little better, but was groggy from his pain meds. I was shocked at how long his incision was. The infection must have been progressing up his leg. While he was under getting the wound cleaned & the drain added the vet also neutered him. The good thing about that is it means that he doesn't have to go under again. I was amazed at his good nature last night. I reached in to pet him & he pushed his head into my hand. I was wishing I owned my own home because I just wanted to pack him in a carrier and take him home, but I can't. If I have time tomorrow I may go check in on him again.
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he sounds so much like my rb thomas. i found him on the road just after he'd been hit by a car. he was a stray so after the vets sorted him out i took him home. he was such a loving boy, so sweet natured.

sending more for a quick recovery and a new furever home.
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Bless him He sound like a really special boy.

Lots more 'Get better soon' vibes for that sweet boy.
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I'm so excited. I just got a text from the shelter director that Bandit was standing up today & looking out the front of his cage!

Thank you all for the vibes.

& I just have to say I thank the Lord that I noticed his wound & was able to make sure he got the help he needed. I'm truly afraid if I hadn't seen it that night we would have lost him by the next morning.
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Well I have additional good news for Bandit. A mere 3 months after he almost lost his life, he has found a new home. I am so happy & excited for him, but as with any special kitty there is a touch of sadness. Bandit is one of those cats that I just felt that special bond to. I am going to do his adoption. It will be hard , but at least I know he's in a good place.
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