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Daily Thread Monday Jan 12th

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Morning friends!

Well, I am typing this on my brand new computer..and watching myself type it on my brand new 19" LCD screen. I forgot what it was like having a computer that works properly and boots up in less than 10 minutes I AM SO IN LOVE!

Not much going on today, I am going to be cleaning tonight after work. I meant to on the weekend but we were too busy.

We had a fab weekend though...

Anyway, have a great day folks!
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Well enjoy that new computer!!

The sun is trying to peek out this morning however the snow and Artic air and wind moves in this afternoon. Brrr....... Have to fill the feeders for the birds so they have energy!!
It a balmy -2F now.

Did some dished and general pick up and have a couple of errands to do before work.
Heaven forbid I got the wrong flavor of cat food and they aren't eating it!! Picky buggers.

Anyhow not much exciting news in this household!

Have a good day.
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Morning All!!

Well the snow has returned but that's okay we had three nice sunny days and that was quite a treat.

Heading out to clean off my deck shortly, also fill up the bird feeders and put up another suet block for the wood-peckers. The nut hatches and chick-a-dees also like the suet. Most of the other birds stick to the seeds though.

After that I am going to walk down to the corner store and pick up a newspaper and maybe take the long way around the block home just to get some exercise.

The kitties are good this morning, having treats right now, I am trying the meow mix treats on them to see if they like them. They were on-sale when I shopped the other day and so far they seem okay with them..

Everyone have a great day
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had a wonderful weekend, basically went non stop shopping, hanging out, having fun, my best friend sold me his blackberry pearl for a real good deal cause he wanted a new one, which is awesome, cause i think the blackberry i had was the oldest model that existed, i just didnt have money for a new one, and once i started using the blackberry i could never go back!

now for today...back to work its honestly so depressing. its call after call after call, and its so repetitive, every call is the same exact convo and its really getting to me, but i know i just gotta deal cause there is nothing else out there i just gotta keep telling myself im one of the lucky ones who still have a job.
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Good Morning what a cold night we had way below zero! My car just barely wanted to start. Hubby is out taking up lobster traps today. So I cleaned the fridge out what a job..Off grocery shopping soon. I made a trip outside to fill up the bird feeders.And its still so cold brrrr.We had a foot of snow yesterday so I had to shovel a path to the feeders first..
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I am sure that I am going to depress some of you but it is supposed to be sunny and in the mid 60's (18's C) all this week. Not a rain cloud in sight.

We are having our gardener haul away some stuff like all the empty containers that DH leaves around the pool.

Other than that, I am going to zumba class, then food shopping and then getting my new food processor.
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It is unusually warm here today expected hig of 6C normal this time of year is -15C . They kids are all at school, My house is so quiet. I can almost hear myself think . I have to go to the post office. do a few errands. A nice quiet day , well until 3 o'clock
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I finally had a chance to vacuum the basement. Not a cat insight. LMAO
Bedding is washed and ready to start another load.
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