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ear infection

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i have been having issues with my manx jack ever since i got him ear mites and dirty ears well i have been treating the ear mites and cleaning out his ears once a week but when i cleaned out his ears and when i got home he had pus and goop coming out of one and both of them red and tender to the touch
is there any way i can treat it inexpensively i really can't aford the vet but will take him in to have it looked at
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Revolution spot treatment will kill ear mites. This can be picked up from your vet or from other stores with a prescription from your vet. Either way you will be needing to make a trip to the vet.

It sounds as if the mites have done some damage and your kitty needs to get to the vet sooner rather than later. As we found out the hard way the mites can cause secondary infections such as yeast and staph that can very quickly spread to the eyes and sinuses. Your vet can prescribe some ear drops that will take care of the infections. But the longer it take to get him to the vet the more damage will be done.

Even though we treated our baby with Revolution per the vets instructions he had a severe allergic reaction to the mites and developed the secondary infections. We acted early but the vet told us if we had waited he could have very well lost his hearing.
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Definitely take him to the vet. It's possible he has a yeast infection in his ears as well as who knows what all else. Might even need to have his ears flushed out and thoroughly cleaned.
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