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Help please. One cloudy eye.

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Hi, just now I noticed that my cat's right eye is cloudy. He is acting normally in all aspects: playing, eating, drinking, etc. His other eye is perfectly fine, and he is only 3 years old. Is this a sign of a major condition? What should I do?

edit: I also noticed his third eyelid is coming out a bit. Help please, I'm worried out of my mind!
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He needs to be seen by a vet - only a vet can tell you what's wrong.
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I agree. Taking him to the vet is the only way to get a proper diagnosis and treatment, especially when the eyes are involved.
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that is true.
is it his eyeball that is cloudy or has he got cloudy mucas or water?
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I agree about going to the vet, but I will let you know what I have found by looking online when my kitty had the same thing happen. One eye got cloudy and I found it could (probably) be one of two things - conjunctivitis (eye infection) with mucous in a film covering the eye or a contusion, which means the eye has been hit or damaged in some way. Either condition requires a vet's help! Don't wait, you will feel so much better. It scared me so much when one of Bamf's eyes went cloudy, I was so scared he was going to lose the eye! Bamf has (the vet and I think) feline herpes virus chronically, which causes occasional conjunctivitis flare-ups, and I have a medication to use for them now.

I hope your kitty is okay!
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Thanks so much for the replies. I took my cat, Poopie, to the vet Monday afternoon as soon as I got off work, and he said there wasn't anything serious. He said he might have just bumped into something and there wasn't a scratch on his eye. He prescribed "neomycin and polymyxin b sulfates bacitracin zinc and hydrocortisone" eye ointment. Have you guys ever used this before?

It's been a few days now, and I'm not sure if I see any improvement yet. He's squinting more than usual in that one eye, and his eyes gets very watery sometimes (probably because of the ointment). Everything else is still normal though. He's still his normal silly self. I'm so thankful that it wasn't something very serious. Hopefully he gets better by the end of this week. Hope this helps anyone with my same problem.
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Neomycin is a fairly common eye ointment. Usually you should see improvement in 3-5 days. However, I've had it happen where it took a full 7-10 days before I saw improvement.
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