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Tinker, the cat that won't cuddle

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This still blows my mind.

Before Tinker got pregnant, neither of my cats were really 'snugglers'. they rarely came to me for petting, and even when they did it was short lived. Maybe 5 minutes TOPS.

Well Tinker changed, all over night it seemed. She now LOVES tummy rubs. The moment I start heading towards the bed, her little pathetic squeaky meows start and she leaps on the bed, usually beating me to my spot. Here's what she does at first. It looks like i'm holding her here, but believe me I'm not. She smashes up against me. I love it!

Then, she does this strange thing. She'll put my arm in between her front paws, lay her head on my arm and purr like crazy while I scratch her tummy, for hours. She falls asleep, but if I stop petting, her eyes open up and she stares at me until I do it again. When I do her eyes fade shut right away.

I don't know what would happen if I didn't start petting her again. So far I simply can't refuse her

Maybe she realizes just how much I love them both since they were apart from me for a month, and figured out that the petting aint so bad after all.

whatever the reason, I sure am thankful
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my 1st cat, Medley, used to hold my arm like that - altho she also pressed her head [the top] VERY hard against it... usually happened at bedtime.
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awwwww I love snuggly kitties
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Awwwww!!!! She knows you love her; she knows you helped her with the baby thing; she loves you!

I described this to my boyfriend and he said his RB cat used to do the same thing to him, wrap his paws around his arm and rest his head there...
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Aww man! I'm jealous! My two are non-snugglers!
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i think their time apart from you made a big difference. i had to be separated from tabitha, rb daisy and rb sinbad for 6 months and there was a distinct change in them when i got them back. simply put i think you were missed!
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Awww...too cute!

I think she definately missed you - especially with the 'holding' on to you while she sleeps. You're her security blanket.

Cotton does this too - he grabs an arm and curls up on it, then won't let you go until he's had his sleep.
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Tink looks like one happy kitty there!

My Spooky likes to hold onto my arm like that too. Only he likes to do it at the very edge of the bed and if I don't hold on to him he falls off the bed...
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Awwww. That's so sweet!

Larry sort of does that. He'll jump on the couch, plop himself down, then reach for my arm. Eventually he's got both front paws around, and he does that thing where the top of his head is touching my arm, and he falls fast asleep....purring loudly.

It's very comforting, in a way.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
Aww man! I'm jealous! My two are non-snugglers!

I can't see Riley getting pregnant though, so I guess there will be no snuggling in my future
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like what was said before though, I think it might have been the separation that did it. Based on what I've learned from the experience they were getting TERRIBLE treatment from this lady that had them. Don't want to go into it, but I've learned things that didn't make me happy.

I am thinking it might just be that they are so happy to be free again, and with me that they're extra lovey. I just hope it doesn't go away. I really like it!
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Thats so adorable She really does love her daddy
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well her daddy sure loves her

Man I dind't realize till looking at that picture how pale i am.

Maybe i should change my username to powder
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I love the pics! My Flutterby is a snuggler until she hears a fly or a moth! Then she's out of there and trying to catch it
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Awww that's such a sweet couple of pix, Tinker and you are lucky to have each other
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My Dusty is a snuggler at 5am! That is when she wakes me up for pettings. Rusty is not a snuggler but she will wake me up with her cute trilling purr. They are happy now that the work on our apartment is almost done. They didn't like the banging, drilling, sawing and hammering that has been going on the last few days.
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