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Not my kitty, she "owned" the lady who runs the miniature site/forum that I am also a member of.(funny, most of us there have cats) She had a thyroid problem as well as a tremendous loss of appetite, muscle tone, equilibrium, and basic awareness of her surroundings. Marie put her to sleep yesterday, January 10, 2009, and will miss her greatly.

Rest in Peace, Samantha, and know that your meowmy loves you.
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So sorry she was pts.
I lost Yoshi a year ago today.
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RIP Sweet Samantha
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RIP Samantha sweetie

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Rest in Peace Samantha
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She looked like a real sweetheart

Rest In Peace Samantha
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Rest in Peace Samantha.
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Condolences to Marie & you on the loss of Samantha
Play happily over RB, Samantha, you were such a gorgeous girl
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