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Extremely possessive of new toy

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Jack loves to fetch--straws, wadded up paper, foam balls, milk jug rings you get the point, if it can be thrown he'll retrieve it.

So apparently he found my elastic headband on the bathroom floor, he brought it onto the bed--I knew he wanted it thrown. I opted to fling it, hey its elastic why waste energy to throw. So I fling it out the bedroom door down the steps and he retrieves it--we do this like 15 times maybe 20. He decides he's tired. Next night laying in bed here he comes with the headband. We start the process but I realize that when Harley tries to run for it (he'd never actually retrieve it) Jack swats at him. I'm like Jack be nice! This morning he brought it to play and I realize today he is growling under his breath when Harley comes near him. I tell him thats not nice and I go to take it from him and he growls at me. So I stop the game at that point. He goes and lays down with the headband comes back 10 minutes later and we play again, he growls at Harley again when he approaches the headband.

Why in the world would he get so possessive of this headband? Does he think it's his prey--maybe because of the way I fling it, its like a bird flying? He's never hunted a bird in his life nor seen a cat hunt one I don't think. I'm concerned about the growling

Thoughts opinions?

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My Jack does this with fortune cookie wrappers and really anything that is a plastic wrapper type thing that he can carry around in his mouth. He will carry it around the house with him growling at any of the cats who get near him.

Why the behavior? Honestly I have no clue since plastic wrappers don't resemble prey in anyway. But I can tell you he really does think that the plastic wrapper of the day is his and only his.

I let him carry on until he begins to get really upset since the other cats tend to make it a point to harass him while he has his little plastic security blanket. I usually just throw the wrapper away and he normally forgets about it at least until the next time I order Chinese food.
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