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Yes! HOT!!

how about John Ritter? I can't believe how much he has changed since Threes Company!

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Not hot, but definatley cute.

Clive Barker (Author and openly gay. I still think he's a very handsome man)

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How about Owen Wilson?

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not i think almost every guy u guys pic is hot definetly josh hartnet but what do you guys think of vin diesel i dont now how to get the pic up but he is soooooooo hoooooottttttt
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Here's Vin for you. I'm not into him that much, he seems like an arrogant jerk to me. But he does have a great voice, and I loved Pitch Black.

If you want to link to a picture on a website, right click on the picture, then select properties. Look for the address, highlight and copy it. Then come back here, click IMG and paste the picture address into the box that comes up, ehtn click ok. If the site allows remote linking, you'll see your picture.

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Here's someone I love to watch, David Boreanaz.

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heheheheheheehheehehehehheeh... No really, I want to know what you think?

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Yay, I love Homer Simpson -- um HOT? Weird to say that though.

How about Robert Deniro?

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Not! I just find him...ugly!

Ok you Survivor fans...What about Colby Donaldson? This is definitely a no-brainer! Please excuse me for a minute...I'm feeling faint!

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I am not a survivor fan, but he is definately HOT!

How about the animal lover Jeff Corwin?? I think he is soooo good looking!! He is a little goofy, but he cracks me up!

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He's kinda cute. What do you think of Harrison Ford?

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Very HOT for his age!!

How about Freddie Prinze, Jr.? He is soo sexy to me!!

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definitely HOT!

What about Dale Earnhardt Jr? btw, this is my wallpaper on my computer. He is so hot in my eyes!
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Well, the pic isn't showing up, but Junior is definitely H-O-T HOT!!!

How about Christian Bale?

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Definitely hot!

Here ya go Heidi, another pic of Junior!
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HOT,,both of them!!

How about Chris Tucker? He was soo funny in that movie Rush Hour

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bumping this up incase anyone still wants to play
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Oh, I loved Christian Bale in Reign of Fire.

What about Colin Firth? I think he has the most amazing eyes.
Here he is in Bridget Jones's Diary

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Not...doesn't do a thing for me.

What about Ty Treadway? He's on my soap opera and also co-hosts a show on Soap Net. He's also been seen on Just Shoot Me. This man is the main reason I LOVE my soap opera! Is it getting Hot in here? or is it just HIM?

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He's cute, but I don't find him HOT!

I go for older guys--

Kevin Spacey?
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He's one of my favorite actors, and there are times when he is definitely hot. What about Gabriel Byrne? Love his accent.

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Now this is a guy most people don't even know and I go all googy over him.

Alan Rickman
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Vin Diesel (fast & the furious)
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Yes, I think Vin is definitely HOT!

But I like these guys too:

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