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I'm going with HOT for Jimmy Smitts! What do you think of Bono?
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David Duchovny?

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NOT. This is Henry Simmons from NYPD Blue, I think he is the hottest man on TV. This picture really doesn't do him justice, but watch the show!
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How about Jerry Seinfield?(I don't think he is good looking, but I love the show Seinfield, it is soo halarious!

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How about Kevin Costner?
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OMG, SOOO HOTTT!!! I will never forget that butt in Dances with Wolves..
How about Tom Cruise?

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totally Hot...but I don't like him as much when he's got longer hair.

How about Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces?
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Very HOT!

Sean Bean (Boromir from Lord of the Rings)
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How about Austin Powers?? I had to ask...I love all the movies and i Know it isn't his real name but anyway...remember, he's got his mojo back!

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NOT!! I don't find him attractive at all!
This guy isn't an actor, but is a singer. What about Blake Shelton? BTW, he's the guy with the hat...not the short dude.
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How about Neal McCoy?

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How about Keith Urban?
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Patrick Stewart? For me, he makes older and bald VERY sexy...
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How about Mark Wills?
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Very cute! Who is he?

Sting (the biggest crush of my life):

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BTW, Mark Wills is a Country Singer. He's got a voice as gorgeous as his face!

How about Kenny Chesney? He's another country singer.
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Hmm, cute but not hot.

Bruce Campbell? "Groovy!"

Ash rules!
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Not! Doesn't do it for me!

How about Tom Hanks? Sometimes he's hot, but sometimes he isn't. What do you think?
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I agree, sometimes yes, sometimes no. But I really admire him.

Eric Stoltz?

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Hot! And also hot for Bono (I have been in love with him for years!), Sting, Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, Jude Law, Benjamin Bratt, David Duchovny, and Ty from Trading Spaces. What a great pic of him Shell, I lost all thought for a second or two.

Ralph Fiennes

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What about Vern Yip from Trading Spaces? I think he's kinda cute!
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NOT for me. I love the Rock. How about you?
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How about Ryan Seacrest from American idol?
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NOT NOT NOT!!! Ok, maybe his face isn't that bad, it's his personality that is NOT doing it for me!!!

Ignore Goldie......how about Kurt Russell?

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Hmmm, I like Kurt ... let's go for HOT! What do you ladies think of Michael Beach (go easy now, he looks just like my boyfriend!)
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Kirk Cameron?

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I just loved him when I was in Jr High! Not so hot anymore, but definitely CUTE!

What do you think about Dale Earnhardt Jr? I find him so dreamy....
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He's goodlooking, but doesn't do it for me.

How about Johnny Depp? I just watched Chocolat, and he was soooo sexy in that!

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so so HOT..I love Johnny Depp!!!!

How about
Tony Danza?

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I like Tony Danza -- HOT! Nic Cage? I think he's a great actor, do y'all think he's hot though? Oops, did somebody already use Nic Cage in this game?
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