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Cats eating dog biscuits

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Hey guys just wondering if anyone else's cats eat their dogs biscuits? My 3 dogs live inside for the most part so they always have a bowl of dry food down. I've caught Deagon eating them a few times I was just wondering if that's a bad thing?
I can't really take the food away cos the dogs will then go hungry but if it's not a problem then I guess it doesnt matter....but seriously he's a cat what does he think he's doing lol
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it is something you should try to avoid ... a little bit is not going to likely be an issue but dog food is not made for cats
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I would pick up the dog food. If you saw him a couple of times eating them he probably eats them more than you know. Dog food isn't good for kitties.

Your dogs won't go hungry. I also have three inside dogs. They eat on a schedule twice a day, with a treat in the morning and at bedtime. It works well. I don't like leaving food down because I feel it is unsanitary. And because if you just left a lot down you don't know how much each dog is getting. And not eating a lot or eating more than their share can help bring to attention any vet issues that might need to be addressed. What they eat and how much they eat are important.

My cat eats any food available, dog food, people food, if it sorta resembles food she is going to eat it. No rhyme or reason, food is food to this cat
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My cats take a nibble of the dog's food every once in awhile, but they eat their own food the most so I don't worry about it
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