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How Kittens at the RSPCA Earn Their Keep

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See the third post for the pic.
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The pic isn't says its an image outside of imagestation.

Try again maybe?
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Grrrrrrr. LOL Here it is.
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Oh that is adorable!
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Hahaha that gave me a good chuckle! So cute!
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OMG, how adorable!!! How did you get your kitty to do that? or how is that possibe?? thanks for the laugh too
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awwwww how cute!!
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LOL! That is so cute. I see in your signature you are slave to a cat named Vegemite. Is that one of Bundy's kittens? I thought she called one Vegemite.
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That's really cute - it would make a great poster!
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Poor poor pussy cat! I know just how he feels.
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Oh My That is irrisistable
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He's cute, isn't he? He's not one of my babies, just a pic a friend sent me via e-mail.

Bren, yep I named one of Bundy's kittens Vegemite but MY Vegemite was a one-day-old orphaned kitten that I raised. She has a heart murmour so I decided to keep her (that's my excuse anyway! LOL)

Here's a pic of her now, she's just over 3 months old.
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Well done with Vegmite Tania , Raising kittens is hard
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Thanks Sam. Vegemite was one of 8 kittens I was hand-raising at the same time. It's been a very busy kitten season with 21 orphaned and abandoned kittens. I think I can safely say that kitten season over here is over! But we know what happened last time I said that! *looks around suspiciously*
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Wow! That's alot of kittens Hun , Sounds like you coped nicely , Well Done
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Thanks mate, I enjoy it so much. Here is a pic of (hopefully) the last kitten of the season. His nickname is Liquorice and he's 5 weeks old.
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Wow BIG eyes , They are gorgeous , Lovely

It's a great hobby, saving cats and i'm glad you enjoy it
Liquorice is a sweet name
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I would ask your friend if you could add that photo to caption this! I love it! Poor little Cinderella!!!
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LOL Teresa, she got the pic in an e-mail too. It's just one of those ones that get circulated via e-mail because it's so cute!
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