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Yarn: the ultimate cat toy

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Well, sort of. Usually Jack goes after the balls and crumpled paper... JoJo is the 'dangling string' cat. Last night I was working on a headband of thick black yarn. I use knitting looms and a thing called a Yarntainer, to keep the skein of yarn away from prying claws. JoJo was on one side of me, so I put the yarntainer on the other side... knowing she will obsess over the strand of yarn coming from the yarntainer.

Jack settles in on the pillows on the other side, and watches me knit. Soon, he notices the loose bundle of yarn inside the container sitting on the skein itself (so I have some slack). He starts obsessing... lifts the paw to try and bat it... puts paw back down. lifts it again.. puts it back down. Cocks head to figure out what that big black fuzzy thing is. I give him some scritches to distract him, but it's no good. He looks up at me, then right back to the yarn. Only now he notices that it's coming out of the top of the lid (there's a hole in the center of the lid for the yarn)... paw goes up... back down... back up... paw at the yarn. I snort trying not to laugh too hard. This is a nearly 7 year old cat... who has yet another UTI... he shouldn't be feeling THIS good... but he is. He's a dork. I so wish I'd had my camera next to me last night. I had another skein of the same stuff sitting on the coffee table, so I cut a piece off and dangled it in front of him, then laid it on his head, between the ears, with one end over his nose... he went bonzo... playing like a lunatic. JoJo, still on the other side of me, sees him having fun, so I cut another piece off and gave it to her...

My lunatics... gotta love 'em.

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That's funny!

One of Milo's favorite toys was a long strip of fleece (probably 4 or more feet long) from a no-sew blanket that I made a long time ago. It was knotted at both ends and he would play with it constantly!!
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Toby likes to play with any strings... the Venetian blind strings, my shoelaces, or hooded sweatshirt ones. Heh!
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Mine like to "help" me crochet all of the time, lol!
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Originally Posted by stormy View Post
Mine like to "help" me crochet all of the time, lol!
I'm sure he's very helpful.

I like to tell Zane that he's a better supervisor than he is an assistant.
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When I was really into cross stitching, Trent and Ophelia were really good about knowing the difference between their toys and "Mommy's String". Well, mostly. When I was stitching it was OK, but when it came time to wind the string on the holders...it didn't matter if it was Mommy's String or not!

I'm sure you all know, but just a reminder not to ever let kitties play with any kind of string without supervision. If they swallow it, it can get tangled in their intestines, blocking their digestive track or tear their innards, and require surgery to remove. Even if it doesn't, it can cause Mommy's a few days of intense panic and going through the litterbox contents (or hairballs) to see if the string passed.
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