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First time cutting nails!

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Well, today was my first time EVER cutting a cat's nails! I've never owned a kitten before, and it really is pretty simple. I cut Toby's a little at a time so that I avoided the quick (or whatever that vein is called), and she did fine! She was getting really sleepy as we lounged together on my bed, so I took advantage of the situation and broke out the clippers since her nails are getting long (I've had her for 3 weeks now to the day!) I have to still do the back feet but I can work on that later today...
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Good job!

Gus would turn into a human shredder if we tried to clip his nails, but Nora just lays there and lets me do it. She growls a bit when I do her back paws but I don't have to do them as often as her front ones. I have to do Nora's nails about once a week or she scratches me when she kneads.
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Oh wow, Nora's nails grow quickly then! I noticed Toby's getting pretty sharp at around 2 weeks but wanted to make sure they were long enough to cut safely, esepecially since I never clipped them before.
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Well done I do my cats about every 2 weeks, they sharpen the nails pretty quickly climbing up and down their tall scratch poles.

They all like getting their nails done and come running when I get the clippers out, and purr when I'm clipping
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Awesome! That's the best time to do it, when they're sleepy.
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If I tried to cut Harley's nails, she'd turn into an angry, wild beastie.
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i have to do my cats in stages. i can usually get one foot in before they get antsy and start jerking away.

Also, what's the deal with the tonail splitting? it makes no difference which way I clip it, it splits before I cut it. I have yet to have a clean break. I have tried numerous different kinds and ended up using people toenail clippers.

is there a trick?
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NewKittyLove, great job. After, a few more times you'll be an old pro at it.

fastnoc, it's normal for cats nails to split. Each nail is surrounded by a sheath that sheds as the nail grows. Sometimes you will find these discarded sheaths stuck in scratching posts or on the floor. Or the cat will pull them off with its teeth. So when the nails are cut occationally one will split because the sheath is old and ready to come off anyway.
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Phew, I thought I was the only one dealing with split toenails! Thanks for the kudos everyone; she let me finish her front paws today (I'd forgotten one nail on each side yesterday) and I'll do the rest of the back feet later since they aren't as sharp/long.
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
Sometimes you will find these discarded sheaths stuck in scratching posts or on the floor. Or the cat will pull them off with its teeth.
And some days you'll come home to find one embedded in the top of one of your cat's heads. Hmm, wonder what you guys were up to while I was gone.

As for clipping, all of my cats tend to be the fidgety types when I start clipping, so I'm lucky to get more than ~3 at once.
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good job, newkittylove good girl, nora

kimi wasnt tat easy with nail-cutting. she screamed louder than when she's taking a bath. i'll keep trying tho
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