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urine/culture and sensitivity

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My cat has had a urinary problem. But thought it cleared up with food. But Now he's drinking tons of water. Just got some urine and will bring it to the doctor on monday. Is it worth doing a culture and sensitivity test? Last time it was not done but feel since they have his urine why not do it rather than experiment with diff antibiotics? How long does urine stay good in refrig?
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Coco gets the culture all the time.
It is worth getting.
She has a Ecoli infection right now and is on Baytril.
The vet always gets the urine when we go there.
They push on her bladder to get it.
I have never had to take a sample to the vet so I have no idea how long it lasts.
The culture and sensitivity test will show if there is a infection and what kind it is.
It will also show what antibiotic will work.
Coco has had ecoli on and off for 2 .5 years now.
The foods are for crystals not infections.
was your cat checked for crystals.
Coco had struvite stones and e coli the first time she had bladder problems over two years ago.
Has your vet done a ultrasound?
They show alot.
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Old urine can lead to false positives for things like cystals.
Excessive drinking always makes me think of diabetes first (very treatable)
You haven't mentioned excessive eating and weight loss which are other signs of this so I may be jumping the gun.
If you are giving antibiotics, that can cause excessive drinking.
I would get a vet check if this is not the case
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They drink alot of water with Crf also.
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My vet is awful. I brought urine in and they said it would go out that night and I don;t think it did till the next OVER 24 hours. Think there was a false positive. All these vets want is money it seems. When I sent the urine out I said lets to a culture and sensitivity they said no wait. Then when the DR called she said lets do a culture and sensitivity. How many times do they think I can get urine? He eats very well and has not lost weight and seems happy. Are there tests at home?
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Why cant they just get the urine at the vets like my vet does?
My cat gets a ultrasound sometimes also.
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