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New cat/kitten good idea?

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Hi. I have two cats, and am thinking of bringing a new cat/kitten into the house and wanted some advice. My oldest cat, Amy is 15-year-old female color point. She and I lived alone together for about 11 years. She's intelligent, and demands affection often. About four years ago, I brought a new kitten into the house. Sigh is a little piebald male, now four years old. He has epilepsy (1-2 seizures a month) and is very very affectionate with me and just about any other person, chair, blanket, etc. Amy was very unhappy (she hid for days) when I first brought Sigh into the house as a kitten, and then was aggressive (jealous?) towards him, especially at first. Now, Amy more or less ignores Sigh, but gets upset when Sigh want's to rub her.

I've been thinking that Sigh could use a friend. When I'm hope, he follows me everywhere, and constantly rubs and wants attention. I don't mind, but I wonder if he's lonely, and if having a friend would be good for him.

Here's my question. Given Amy's age and prior bad reaction to a new cat, is brining in a new kitten or cat a good idea? (Last time, I don't think I did a good job introducing Sigh into the house. I just brought him in and expected the two to get along. I understand it would be better to have introduced him slowly, by keeping him in a room away from Amy and letter her get used to his scent, etc.) On the one hand, I think that Sigh would like to have a playmate and that Amy might be happy to be left alone a bit. On the other hand, Amy's older (though pretty spry), and has had a bad reaction before.

If I do get a new friend for Sigh--is there any advice? Would it be better to bring in a cat or kitten? Any idea about what sort of breed?


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I do not think Sigh needs a companion. He is just a very loving cat.
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I always balk when people have older cats & want to bring in a new one - I worry it'll put stress on the senior & impact their health.
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I just got a kitten and my oldest cat is almost 17.
Coco was almost 16 when I got Oreo and almost 15 when I got Sasha.
I would becareful with your cat because you said she does not get along great with new cats.
I had try pry Oreo and Sasha off Coco when they were kittens because they tried to nurse off her and she let them.
Here is a picture of Coco and Cleo sleeping together.
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We just adopted an 8 month old kitten and my existing cat is almost 14 and had never lived with another cat before. She was very anxious for the first few days of the introduction, but now (10 days since we brought him home) she's settled down considerably and mostly just ignores him. We also got a Feliway diffuser and that seems to have helped her a lot, if you get another cat then you should look into getting one of those, too.
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I have the same problem! We have 2 cats... a 6 year old Female Orange Tabby (Chloe) and a almost 4 year old Calico (Bean) . I had Chloe for almost 4 years before we got Bean.. and she is a very smart affectionate cat (possibly a Maine Coon). But, when I got her while I was in college my roomates then got dogs.. 2 cocker spaniels.. which are very playful dogs and thought that little Chloe was a toy. I think that scared her for life. She is very skiddish around new people and doesn't let others really love on her... just me.... just mommy.

We brought Bean in because we thought 2 would make our family complete... She was a runy of a kitten.. very tiny when we got her at the shelter. She is VERY playful.. at first she was so playful she wouldn't leave you alone.. always under your feet. And Chloe, with her big fluffy tail... is the best playmate in Bean's eyes. But Chloe... not so much.

We also did not introduce them to each other well, but it probably wouldn't have mattered with the temperament. So they are not the best of friends and the majority of their playing involves Bean trying to play and Chloe growling and hissing. On rare occasions it is peaceful. They both have claws and there has never been an incident thank goodness.

Last night we hear the faintest meow as we go to walk inside. There was a little (maybe 6-8 month old) Tortie kitten up a tree, in the snow. Very trusting and affectionate we coaxed her down and have her in our garage. She is in a large crate with food and a little box. She is very sweet and seems like a pet already so we are trying to find its' owner but the thought of keeping it is in our minds.

We have always thought that is we were to get another cat that maybe Bean would focus her kitten energy on the new cat and leave Chloe alone. Or would Chloe and Bean gang up on a new little kitten? Or worse yet.. would both Bean and Chloe be so upset that we never see them because of hiding all the time.

What should we do?
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