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My gentle Furrari is gone...

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Last Thursday I took Furrari to his vet beacause he was dehydrated (I gave him extra sub-q fluids but it didn't help) and just didn't seem 'right'. Turns out he had a bladder and kidney infection so the vet kept him to put him on I.V. and start antibiotics. Furrari had CRF and was prone to UTI's. His vet thought he would be fine.

Friday he started having labored breathing and had to be put in an oxygen chamber. His chest cavity started filling with fluids and his body was failing. I couldn't let him suffer and made the decision to put him down. I held him and told him I loved him and I was so sorry I couldn't fix him and make him young again.

I have gone through this several times before and it is never easy. But... this was the hardest.

A little over sixteen years ago I was given a litter of kittens whose mother could not feed them. They were less than a week old and tiny (and cold and wet). Furrari was one of two kittens that survived.

Over the years he was 'Uncle' to many feral kittens I raised. He taught them good litter box habits, to eat well and to play nice with others.

He loved tummy rubs and sleeping by my feet at night. After I got in bed, he would walk over and touch his nose to mine - then walk back down by my feet and curl up to sleep. This was our nightly routine for sixteen years.

It sucks and it hurts so much! I miss my marmalade cat!

Here are some pictures of my Furrari:


This is Furrari with Eli and Anna.
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I`m so sorry you lost your baby

Rest In Peace Furrari
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So sorry about your cat.
I hate Crf and have a cat with it right now.
She also has bladder infetions every two months.
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Awww bless his heart

Play happily at the bridge Furrari, you have lots of new friends there to play with now

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I am sorry you lost your sweet boy RIP Furrari
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I am so sorry What a gorgeous boy he is RIP Furrari
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knowing you made the right decision for Furrari doesn't make the pain of loss any easier. take comfort in your remaining furchildren - they will help you. explain to them what's happened to Furrari, too - especially if they also seem to be grieving.
for you, & a for Furrari.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Thank you all. Eli and Anna are a great comfort to me. Anna is talking more and roaming around. She misses him, too. So we do take comfort in each other.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your handsome boy. Rest in Peace Furrari.
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Oh my...he is so beautiful and sounds like he has such a compassionate and joyful soul. I hope you find comfort somehow in the hard weeks ahead.
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What a gorgeous boy he was. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Iam so sorry to hear about Furrari.
Fly free little one to the Rainbow Bridge where you will be met by many friends waiting.
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RIP furrari. What a cute face he had.
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Condolences to all of you on the loss of your Furrari. The orange maramalades seem even more special & I am happiest when I have at least 1 in my clowder. Sending prayers and vibes of healing and comfort out to Anna, Eli & you
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I'm sorry for your loss of Furrari. In his photos he has a look of wisdom.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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It's a month ago today, that I said goodbye to Furrari, a year ago (the 7th of this month) that I lost Freya to lymphoma and then last September, I lost A Boy Named Sue (Chow/Australian Shepherdx) to hemangiosarcoma. Three over the course of one year. My heart hurts!
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I love the name Furarri! He looks so content in those photos. Losing kitties is never easy, especially when they've become such a part of your family. for you and fellow kitties that shared your home with Furrari. I'm sure he's thinking of you and wherever he is, he's happy and young again!

and during this very trying time!
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