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Well, back when Murray first moved in with me as a stray, I tried buying him some toys, including catnip toys. And he showed no interest whatsoever. I ended up donating them to a shelter, and just figured he didn't like to play with toys (one exception - an interactive mouse on a string). He would bat bottlecaps around the house, and recently discovered the pleasure of making tissue paper rattle, but that was about it. (Though he did like some tinselly balls that were sent by the co. I got his unsuccessful walking jacket from - but he lost them, probably under some furniture.)

But then, for this Xmas, a member of a cat chat group I belong to sent Murray a catnip sock with feathers on top. I didn't expect much, given his track record. But he loves it! He was licking it and biting it and rolling around with it and batting it around. He promptly pulled off the three feathers on top, LOL. That sock is looking pretty beat up already. So, he's apparently learned how to appreciate catnip and appreciate toys. It was a real eye-opener.

So, I bought him some more toys to give to him gradually, so he doesn't get confused/overwhelmed by too many new toys at once. The other day I gave him a plush carrot (with feathers on top) with a catnip pouch inside. It's a big hit. Like the sock, he licks and bites it and rolls around with it and bats it high in the air. I'm so happy to see him having fun. I guess maybe it just took him some time to learn how to be a housecat, after living out on the streets where toys and catnip don't exist.

I also got him some fuzzy balls and some sticky balls, which I will eventually give him to see how he likes them. And later will get him more catnip toys.

Well, merry Xmas, Murray, and thanks to the cat-chat lady for allowing my eyes to be opened to Murray's new possibilities.