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Bob is gone...:(

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I know some of you remember Bob and his diabetic neuropathy from a year or so back. He was leaking urine all over the house, couldn't walk well and was ravenous all the time.
I had to take him to where I worked at the vet clinic and keep him there for 2 weeks while we switched insulins, and I got his glucose and urination under control. While he was there, my manager's mom (who also worked there) fell in love with him and asked me if she could have him. I thought about this and since I had plans of leaving the clinic in the near future, I thought it would be best for Bob and myself financially (since I didn't have the discount anymore and she did) if I said yes. I felt that he would be better off with her, with his diabetes, since she has better and more frequent access to the clinic than I would. Plus his insulin, syringes, food and tests were really expensive and I was only able to afford it because I worked there. Plus the mom only worked part time and he would have someone at home a lot more than he did with us.
I let her take him home when he was regulated again, and after about 2 weeks, he was adjusted with their other 2 cats and dog, and happy/healthy as can be. They loved him and he loved them. Several months later, I learned that he would have to switch the good insulin he'd been on to another brand that he had been on when he got so sick before. I was not happy about this because I didn't think that insulin worked for him, but for some reason they stopped making the good insulin he was on and they said that was their only choice. I wasn't at the clinic by this point so I had to trust in what they said.
On Christmas, I got a text (a text? Really?) that Bob had gotten sick lately, and on Christmas Day, he passed away. I asked her what happened, and she said he has been getting sick lately, and on Christmas Eve he started seizuring and they took him in and did all they could but he passed away Christmas morning. I didn't get to say goodbye. I wasn't even told he was sick.
Bob was a very sweet, loving cat. He made friends with any and everyone he met, including dogs, who he laid next to all the time.
Part of me feels guilty for rehoming him, but I know he had a good life there.
I will miss you, buddy. Tell Emily I love her too.
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Oh hun, I'm so sorry
Bob knows that you love him and you did what you thought was best for him
He's your angel now, he will always be watching over you

RIP sweet Bob
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I`m so sorry you lost Bob and didn`t get to say goodbye

Rest In Peace Bob
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So sorry about bob.
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I know how much you loved Bob....he's playing happily at the Rainbow Bridge now.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your cat. Rest in Peace Bob.
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Please don't feel guilty about rehoming Bob - it was the responsible thing to do, considering the logistics. And he was happy there so your decision was the right one. Without the better insulin, he was probably feeling pretty lousy, and has moved on to a happier place, where he is healthy again, playing happily amongst our other RB kitties. I love his face in your siggy - Heaven has truly gained a wonderful treasure
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