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Bengal, Russian, and Devons

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Here are my 4 babies, they are just the friendliest kids ever.

Sahboo my Snow leopard Bengal

Tuppence & Pippin my Devon Rex kittens

Ruskie my Russian Blue
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Your babies are just too cute! Thanks for sharing pics with us!
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How adorable! What a handsome group you've got there!
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Stunning babies!! I'm going to move this out to the Lounge so everyone can admire them.

Oh, and kitty tummy too! You really know how to please!
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Soooo precious!
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Awwww what wonderful pictures I'm very partical to bengal's I think my Asim is a mixed one
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beautful cats!!
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They are all beautiful. The Devon kitten pic is sooooo cute!
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Pretty kittys!
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Cute kitties!

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Hi Its nice to have you here! I look forward to getting to know you and your kids. I call my cats that to LOL! :flash:

Here are my kids.

Have a great day!
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Wow, amazing cats!
Is one of them a Sphinx (spell*?) cat with no hair or something similar??? I find these cats so intruiging! I dying to have one, but they cost so much here, and I don't feel comfortable "buying" a cat when there are so many looking for homes.

In any case - your cats are the sweetest creatures!
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You have so cute cats!
Love your Devons!
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they are Devon Rex, alot of people mistake them for Syphnx but Devons have hair, curly soft velvety hair, they are just the most adorable cats, such personalities. They sleep in my neck each night, we call them "Crevice cats" as if there is a crevice they will squeeze into it. There are alot of websites online, check them out.

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I just love em to bits! I don't think I've ever seen a Snow leopard Bengal before...I just love there coat! The devons look so sweet together. And your Russian is quite a looker too!
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K.K., thanks for explaining!

Your cats are amaing. Thats the first time I have seen this type of cats - Devon. I will check them out.

Where did you get them? I wonder if there are any here, sinceI never saw one...

Thanks for showing them to us!
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Here is a good site to start with, i got them from Australia. If you would like to know anymore about Devons i would be glad to help you.

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Wow what beautiful kitties. I don't think anybody here has quite the selection of purebred cats as you do.

That's definitely the first snow white bengal I've ever seen.
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Here is my Sahboo a few months ago, he is now 6 months old and weighs over 6 kilos, he is huge and still growing, and as you would expect he has all the wild ways about him, yet when he chooses is ever so loving, but as "Blonde" as they come, he gets lost and screams until you go find him, he is very funny. The bottom pic was taken today.

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I Looooooove the Devon Rex. Never see anything like them, and they're so iresistably cute !
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They are all cute! We have 3 bengals and 2 of them are snows.
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i love your kitties!

Thanks for sharing the pix! :

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You have such a beautiful cat family!
I think the picture of the Devon Rex kittens would be good in the Caption This forum.
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Wow, Hello KittenKa..... , Pleased to welcome you to TCS !!
I absolutely your cats , especially the Devon Rex, They have always been a fave of mine , Give em lots of lovin
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