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Went yesterday to help out on adoption Saturday by cleaning the cat enclosure. When I was done, around 2:30, I gave the kitties some treats!

Then, I sat down to have the snack I brought for myself, since I was going to be there a while longer. It was no great shakes - a protein cookie that I have from a diet I tried, which didn't agree with my digestion... you know, eat six of these cookies and chicken and salad for dinner.

Well, I'm sitting on the storage bench with my yucky protein cookie and bottle of water ... of course the cats have to investigate. One adult tortie, Matilda, came over, sniffed and walked away. But my little smoochy-kitten Alex came over, stood on my leg, sniffed the cookie.... and the proceeded to lick it and then try to snag it from me!

I said, hey, this is mine and pulled it away but he glommed into my arm, still licking and biting. OK... I thought -- there is nothing harmful in here... not the best for them, but nothing bad - soy, powered milk, egg, wheat, brown rice, oats.
So I snagged off the part he'd already munched on, crumbled it up and put it on the bench next to me... he was really ENJOYING it -- eating and purring, purring and eating and of course, his brothers had to join in. Sigh... so needless to say I HAD to share MY snack with them... I will remember the next time and just put them in their cages!

Little piggies! I said to them, I can't nosh on your treats. This isn't fair! Oh well....