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Summer is coming and I was wondering if I could bother you for a suggestion. Last summer my cats shed termendously. We would pet them and you could visibly see the fur in the air. We found excessive amounts of cat hair everywhere. I thought brushing them might cut back on this, but the brushing was an unsuccessful process. Never having brushed them before as kittens and continuously playing with them they thought that the brush was the newest and latest toy. So everytime we tried brushing them they would attack the brush. Currently I am not even sure where the kitty brush I bought them is. They like to drag their toys away. Any suggestions on how to get the kitties to not regard the brush as another toy?
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Well what kind of brush are you using? I've found a lot of cats will attack the slicker style brushes. Maybe you were gentle enough, or the pins hurt their skin so they feel they want to get back at the brush and tell it to cut it out!

Um... anyways. There are these grooming gloves you can buy, so they groom your cat while you pet it. They sell them at just about any big petstore.
Have you also considered bathing them, they have shedding shampoo's and it works well. If my cats start to have a really big sheading season, I will just groom them, and then put them in the bath! Let them dry a little, and then MOST of the shedding fur will come right off, and there is very minimul grooming to be done afterwards.

You can look at this post for further information on grooming and grooming supplies.

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I use a bristly brush with soft bristles. It was what I could afford at the time. As for bathes...like I think most cats mine hate water. Niko especially. It stresses them out considerably to the point that we only bathe them when absolutely necessary. The last time we bathed them was when Mischief knocked over a recently put out blue candle that had been burning for a few hours. She got bright blue wax in her fur. Didn't hurt her, but we were't going to let her chew it out of her fur - poor kitty yowled and yowled when my roommate put her in the tub.
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I've had a lot of luck with Zoom Groom, which is a rubber brush. I could not believe all the hair it collected, even from one of my cats, Max, who loves to be brushed and gets brushed almost every day!

For my long haired cat, Sasha, I use a rake followed by a shoe polishing brush, which smoothes the fur and removes any dry skin or dandruff.
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I use a plastic "curry brush" for dogs in the form of a glove on Jamie - he'll tolerate that once or twice a week, and it really picks up a lot of loose hair. What he prefers is a fine-toothed comb, which I use every day. It's particularly good when he's shedding his undercoat. I don't bathe him, the exception being once when he got into a bag of barbecue charcoal. I have washed his feet and/or tail when he has stepped in his business in the litterbox - he demands it.
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