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front legs stronger than back?

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Hi -
I have noticed that Lucky's front legs appear to be stronger than her back legs... She doesn't have any problem walking, running or jumping, but sometimes when I play with da bird she doesn't stand on her back legs for long; instead she folds her back legs as though she was sitting... Not sure if this is her being lazy, as she is totally capable of standing on her legs.
Her hips look a little narrower than her shoulders too...
Should I be worried?
BTY: She is a 10 month old, about 10lbs ragdoll
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Probably nothing to worry about. I have a few cats that will sit on their hind legs lazily while playing. It is also possible she could have some type of damage to her hind legs where she has learned to compensate for it, or it is just how she is. If it doesn't seem to bother her or look like it is a big issue, then I wouldn't worry too much. If you want to know for sure, next time she goes to the vet for something, bring that up and ask. As long as she is moving around and getting excercise, she should be fine.
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Harley's front legs definitely seem stronger than her back ones, too. I can see all the muscles in her shoulders and down her forearms, and she has a VERY strong grip with her front paws. But her back legs don't look the same to me. They're shaped the right way, and outside of an extra toe on each, they're normal looking. They just seem more fragile. She also walks/runs normally, and according to my vet, is a healthy kitty. She isn't a big jumper at all - when she plays, she'd rather run/chase/pounce. Lately she's started to jump when we play with her fuzzy wand toy, but it's almost like she's not sure about the idea of jumping up to grab something.

When you look at her from the top, it seems like her hips are also out of proportion to her shoulders - her shoulders are much wider, and the rest of her generally seems more muscular than her hindquarters do. I'd love to know if this is just how some cats are put together?
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