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5week old kittens -- Bonnie's sweetums

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Well, through the other two active threads I have done a lot of updating on their progress. Today, they ate soupy food, so that was good. Bonnie has been crying all day, same as she did a week ago...not sure what's up but she was not impressed with the food I gave her, so I went shopping for her regular stuff...she loved it LOL

I have 3 of the 4 spoken for, so it's poor little Oreo that hasn't found her new home yet. I have not advertised them at all, but the ones that are spoken for are going to homes of friends of ours...awesome feeling

Anyways, here are the pics from tonight.

Dale, just waking up from a nappy

Dad making sure his son is using the box properly LOL

Tortie-girl thinking my leg is her scratching post

Oreo just gettin on the bed to get in on all the fun

GiGi is always looking like she's trying to look like she had no part of THAT

I need a bath says Tortie-girl

Tortie-girl wondering what I'm doing
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They have grown so much. Such little sweethearts
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you better put a string on Gigi and tie her to the ground. With those ears she's going to fly away!

They are so cute
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Aww they are so cute - growing fast. So you are not keeping any for show?
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They are so sweet. I've been following your threads on them from the beginning and if you were closer I would sneak in at midnight and catnap GiGi! I love those earsies!
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Thanks again for all the sweet compliments! I love them to pieces. They sleep with me on the bed at night and I just love that.

fastnoc, LOL yes she has the largest ears out of them all...she really takes after her mom ...same tubular body and everything.

GoldenKitty...I don't think I can show an unregistered kitten or cat at a show. Because Bob was never registered by his breeder, this litter can't be registered. Bonnie, however, is registered and the 5 generation pedigree is pretty cool to look at. I did want to check out the possibilities of getting a cat registered through the 3-judge rule where 3 judges need to handle and evaluate the cat and sign a form stating the cat conforms to the standard etc.

My sphynx babies are coming this Friday and I plan on showing them. I am going to a cat show in April, but I won't show them until I've been to a show first to get the skinny on it.
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The pic of Bob and Dale is so cute. Dale sort of looks scared of his daddy. Does Bob interact with them a lot?
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Yes, Bob does interact with them alot...more than one would expect. He cleans them, lays in their bed with them and then I do let him play a little bit with them, but Bob I think forgets they are so small I only give them about 5 minutes to play...they play hide and seek in the covers that hang over the side of my bed...Bob's favorite game! Dale isn't scared of anything LOL
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They are absolutely adorable
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You should keep Oreo.
I think she is the cutest of them all.
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Yes, Oreo is definitely a sweet baby. She is so passive too, she just comes and snuggles with you and is just really calm. She does play rowdily like the rest but she just has this calmness to her. She is definitely unique in this litter...we love them all though LOL
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I plan on getting a show cat later on.
I am stuck between 3 breeds.
I love how your cats look.
I am stuck between another sphynx,rex and a peterbald.
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I don't know what I would pick since my sphynx girls aren't here yet. I think I will fall immediately in love with them. Bonnie I am infatuated with completely. We fell in love with Bob instantly and within 2 days of getting him we were addicted so that's when we went searching for another. The rex breed is so awesome and we love ours to death.

I can't wait until Friday when hubby brings the girls home on the plane. I will get to hold them in their carrier all the way home (like 5 minutes) so I will get to see them and touch them....I am so excited!!!
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Post pics as soon as you get home.
I will get to go to the airport when my sister gets her Rex.
She will come her and we will take her.
She is excited.
You will love the sphynx.
I love how Cleo feels on top.
Underneath she is just skin.
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Bonnie is just skin as well underneath. It's very soft and smooth and I have no problems with is a little more difficult to pet/rub.

When the girls are here, I will definitely be taking loads of pictures and posting, as this is such an exciting time and I want to share.

When is your sister getting her Rex?
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It all depends on what breeder she uses.
I think Cleo still has stitches inside her because I can feel something under her scar.
The one thing you need to know about a sphynx is they get oily.
I have to wipe her with baby wipes all the time.
Today is bath day for her.
She gets a bth once a week.
A few of the breeders have kittens due.
One had kittens a few days ago.
If you look at my sisters post there is a link to one of the breeders she is talking to.
I am not sure I trust them though.Some things do not seem right.
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I am well aware of the weekly baths the girls will need. I actually can't wait to do it LOL. I know it may be difficult at first, but I will wipe them with a nice warm facecloth if the bath is too overwhelming at first.

I don't know who your sister is on here, but I have been reading the "looking for a rex breeder" thread, so I'm assuming that's her?

I know you can coach her through it all, and she'll get a nice cat
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That is her.
Cleo just had her bath and she smells good now.
I did notice her spay scar is stretching as she grows.
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OMG how cute are they?!!! I would love one (or all of them :P) .
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Originally Posted by skewch View Post
I can't wait until Friday when hubby brings the girls home on the plane. I will get to hold them in their carrier all the way home (like 5 minutes) so I will get to see them and touch them....I am so excited!!!
they are sooo adorable, especially OREO - those unique mittens & white whisker-pads
When your hubby & kitties are in the air, you can track their progress for free at It will let you know when the plane is up, the altitude & cruise speed, how long till landing & their exact location relative to the earth - it's an awesome way to keep informed when someone you love is flying
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Yes, Oreo is extremely unique in her markings...I haven't seen another devon look like her...and she has such a nice personality too, she's so passive and relaxed.

That's so cool that you can track the flight while in the air! I am going to let hubby know! And yes, now I will DEFINITELY be following his flights. Four more days to go!!!
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Oh my there are all so cute..but I think Oreo is adorable..If I didn't have 5 cats so so cute
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Yes again, Oreo is a doll. What's one more cat though when you have 5?? I mean, you'd probably not even notice any extra work

She's still available too
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She is my fav and I am not saying it because I have a Oreo.
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good gracious they are soooooooo cute!!
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