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Rusty was in the top purch until she heard Dusty playing fetch with her ring toy.
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working for food - doing filing and sorting receipts...

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Pooch is keeping guard on our computer desk. Luke and Kelly are playing with a toy. I am just looking at Pooch and admiring his handsomeness!
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Let's see, Toby is sleeping, adorably, on the couch, Chandler Ray and Tweety are staring at me because it's treat time, Lilly-Rose is also waiting for treats, and Cally is sneaking peaks at me, because, of course, it's treat time!
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Hanging out next to mommy while she plays on TCS

Anxiously waiting...

Had to get up to feed the hungry crying babies lol

Brotherly love

This is what my kitties were doing within the last 30 minutes

Oh yea please dont mind my dirty yellow walls lol.....As they love to use that wall for jumping purposes onto the window pane.
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If I could take a guess I'd say SP was probably driving everyone crazy, or running in and out of her carrier, or cuter yet storing her toys in there as she does the night before any vet visit. She's coming to see me today!
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Sitting next to me on a blanket. He was supposed to be in his bed sleeping, but he was busy trying to climb into the laundry room cupboards.
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Taffy, Sugar, Boots and Frodo are hanging around my feet begging because I just got a bowl of cereal. Sam is sleeping and dreaming at the end of the desk.

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Today Meeko and Oreo are in the cat bed.
Coco is in a box.
Cleo is another box.
Sasha is on the top of the scratching post.
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Trout is sleeping on my bed...just like she does every morning while I get ready.
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Eating their breakfasts.
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Spooky and Mulder are both laying on my bed - not sleeping just watching me get ready for work and trying to convince me I don't REALLY have to go... Oh, and Mulder is giving himself a bath - right now he's working on his right back leg.
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Flutterby is asleep on my bedroom floor.

Crowd Control is asleep in the litterbox.

Paparazzi is curled up on a blanket by herself.

Sonic, Secrets & Tales are asleep in a big kitty pile.

Sophie is asleep in the back yard on the concrete.

Elmo is asleep on the kitchen bench
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both my girls are sleeping behind nannys lounge,
they're both cranky with me because I had to leave them at nannys last night -_-.
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Quill is sitting beside me, on my knapsack, washing his face and occasionally giving me looks of pure adoration ....
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Flutterby is finishing the scraps from the kittens afternoon tea of meat and bikkies.

Paparazzi is in the toilet tray

Sonic, CC, Tales & Secrets are all dough eyed getting ready to fall asleep.

Elmo is asleep in the sun room.

Sophies asleep in the sun outside
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Tuffy is taking a bath on the livingroom floor
Bandit is under my feet
Piggy is upstairs with the Dad Man
Scuddel is on my bed wondering why I am not in bed
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Java is snoozing on the kitty pillow. Pixel is washing in the large cat bed w/one of the kitty cuddlers. Firefox is lying on the DirectTV box. Chip is snoozing on the love seat. Cable is curled up on my bed.
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Stratus is trying to sleep, curled up against my right leg, and Sassy is sleeping against the wall, three feet from me and Stratus. =) We're all on my bed.

Sophie was just on the bed, but she isn't too fond of Stratus, so she left.
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Daisy has Tabitha in a head lock and giving her a wash!
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Originally Posted by scarlett&dan View Post
i think the reason nala likes it under the cabinet is because its infront of a broken radiator which doesnt actually heat up although the pipes into it still get warm and hot so she must find it pretty cosy!
she didnt seem keen on the bed i made for her so i might just put a few blankets under the cabinet although im not too happy about her hiding away under there as its a bit dusty
Kitties make excellent dusters. I don't think my windowsills have ever been so clean.
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I actually had to go around the house looking since nobody is making any noise. Miss Patchwillow is looking out the office window. Lion is sleeping on my bed. Shareena and Iris are sleeping on the cat tree. Goldy is sleeping in the printer box with all the flaps closed. Cali was trying to help me type, but she just hopped down to go wake up her mom and chase her out of the printer box.
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I'm eating a bowl of ice cream, so all three are sitting here staring at me...waiting for me to make one false move so the ice cream will be theirs!
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