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What are your kitties doing right now?

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I am in the hospital right now and am missing my kitty like crazy. It's hard to sleep without her in my arms wanting her belly scritched. Just trying to think of things SP may be up to.

1. Bugging Cally
2. Sleeping on my pillows. She knows she's not supposed to but will when I am out.
3. Bugging for treats

So what are your fur babies up to at the moment?
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Java's on the kitty pillow. Firefox & Pixel are in the large cat bed together. Cable's on my bed, & Chip's on the suitcase i haven't unpacked since i got back almost 2 weeks ago.
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Twitch is fighting with Squishy. Margo's hiding trying to avoid the fight. Lily's chasing one of the dogs. Eden is asleep on my left foot. Dorian is in front of the corn stove. Last I saw Ophelia Rose she was asleep in bed with a person to warm her feet on. Molly's running around here like her tail's on fire.
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Kuura is sleeping right next to me and Utu is attacking a carpet and tries to squeeze himself under it thinking that there must be something under there.
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my two are playing in a big paper bag that we havent put away since christmas, mainly because they wont let us haha
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Harley's busy washing her face after eating her breakfast. Next thing I know, she'll be off for a nap.
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nala is hiding underneath a cabinet
she has been playing all morning though and only jumped off the bed after a belly rubbing session! she was purring like crazy! must have tired her out
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After a morning playtime session, Hannah's in the heated cat bed napping and Callie's down the hallway in her "secret" spot in the closet. Not very secret since I have it fixed up nicely to keep her warm on these cold mornings!
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i think the reason nala likes it under the cabinet is because its infront of a broken radiator which doesnt actually heat up although the pipes into it still get warm and hot so she must find it pretty cosy!
she didnt seem keen on the bed i made for her so i might just put a few blankets under the cabinet although im not too happy about her hiding away under there as its a bit dusty
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Topaz is taking her post breakfast nap in the bedroom and Ari has been birdwatching.
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Anna and Eli are sleeping in my bed.
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Zane is sleeping. As usual.
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Ricky Bobby just finished his breakfast after throwing a fit for it! Now he's walking around for something to get into. In 5 minutes he'll either be getting into something he's not supposed to be in....or taking a nap.
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Harley is sleeping next to the patio door and Bayley is on top of the kitchen cupboards sleeping on his fleece blanket Its nice and quiet here
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Siamie is sleeping in her own little bed. Speck is sleeping on our big bed...it takes a lot of rest during the day to be a holy terror at night.
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Princess is eating, and both Sabastian and Nipper are lounging on the couch with mommy
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Nora is laying in the corner of the closet in our spare bedroom (where the computers are), underneath my dressy dresses, grooming herself. That is her new favorite place to go. lol We could never have the closet door open when Gus was here b/c he would shred my dresses, but she does fine and loves the privacy.
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The same thing DH is doing...napping in front of the football game. All the males in the house are down there snoozing away.
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What Lucky and Gus always do. They are snuggled together sleeping on my bed.
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Enjoying their afternoon nap, each on their respective chair
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Coco and Cleo are sleeping in a box together.
Oreo is on a chair.
Meeko is in another box.
Sasha is in the cat bed.
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Rosie and Jack are snuggling in their bed together

Sophies on my lap watching me type and following the mouse arrow around on the screen
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Lola is sleeping on a little bed I made for her behind the computer monitor. Cleo is snoozing on the ottoman in the livingroom. Maggie is batting a wadded up piece of paper.
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Swanie is asleep in "Swanieville," which is what we call the end of the couch closest to where I am at the computer. He is sleeping on my flannel shirt. Cindy is upstairs with DH either watching tv (I hear the tv on), napping, or harassing DH to get out the "laser bug."
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Little Aya-chan is scooting a wrapped throat drop (I'm sick w/a cold) across the living room and trying to help me type this by biting my fingers.

Like you I am always missing my big cat Midori, who is about 10,000 miles away w/ my folks. Whenever I call my mom tells me what she's doing, usually collecting a long tummy rub while she has a capitve audience (from mom while on the phone).
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I just got my first phone call from home and was told that SP is being a little brat right now. She has been looking for me at night. I guess she misses our late night snuggle sessions too
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Toby is sitting in the dark living room on the top of the couch, looking out the window. That's his favorite nighttime spot.
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Quill is having a bath under my desk and dozing contentedly, waiting for me to go to bed.
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Ginger keeps changing spots to relax because Pepe won't leave her alone, Pepe thinks Ginger enjoys playing tackle football!!!
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Church is next to the computer, trying to eat my mashed potatoes. Oh, now he just tried to jump on top of the TV and knocked my headphones (and almost himself) onto the floor.
Roxy I'm not sure, probably sleeping upstairs.
Sneakers is lying down somewhere.
Foster kittens are variously lounging, eating, trying to imitate Church, or wandering around the house.
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