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I took the first step

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I took the step to better health today..... I joined a health club!

In Nov, I won a 3 month membership to In Shape and today I finally went down and signed up! I meet with a trainer next week to see what I need to work on. I am going to do primarily cardio at first. I am nervous about doing this, but I know it is for the best. The club has so much to offer. I am going to take advantage of the classes and also the indoor pool.

I am also going to try to eat better. I am making my chili tonight but instead of using ground beef, I used ground turkey. It smells soooo good! And since I am using fresh veggies, except for the tomatoes, it should be very healthy. I don't use canned beans, but I put my dried pinto beans to soak last night and cooked them today. Then in the crock pot with all the rest.
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Rob and I are trying to get into better shape this year too I am seriously thinking about taking a pole dancing class - it gives you a full body workout and looks pretty fun. Sounds kind of risque though talking about it We just bought some free weight sets off ebay, too. He's been eating healthier, and I'm going to start trying to eat better as well.
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That's great, good job!!

I've tried gyms and such, too. They are great if you can put the time in! And trying to eat healthy now, not eat out so much. I'm always looking for a new kitchen gadget to cook good, healthy food! One of my favorites are the indoor grills, like the George Forman. Good stuff!

Keep it up, you're off to a great start!
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