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Jake's vaccine issues...

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He got his second round of shots three days ago and he is still not his usual self. The first night he was sleeping all the time, then he was a little better by morning, woke me up but at night he got all tired again. Today, he was really playful in the morning, for about 2 hours and then at 11 pm went to sleep, slept until 5 pm and has been down all evening. He hasn't played on his own, I tried to play with him and he responded but more slowly than usual ....He meows really loudly if I touch his upper arm where he got the shot and even walks in a way as to not put much pressure on that arm, but it's really hard to notice unless you really watch carefully... It seems like it hurts him there today more than yesterday and day before...I am going to call the vet on Monday if he isn't any better, but even if he is better by Monday, I'm really confused, I know shots are needed but i'm scared for him. Last time it wasn't this bad...I will definitely talk to the vet next time I bring him in for shots if I don't call on Monday..
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Does anyone think it's possible to stop giving him the chlamydia boosters after he's already had two shots of chlamydia? I really hope so..I read that the chlamydia shot can cause fever and lethargy up to three weeks after the vaccination...
ugh i'm not even sure they gave him chlamydia because on my receipt from the vet it only says he got FVRCP which should be feline viral rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and panleukopenia....but the nurse did say he was going to get chlamydia..I reallly need to call them
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I am very sory you are going through this. This is for the future

If your cat has aleady had it's firat set of shots, I do not believe boostes should ever be given
There is no proof that boosters extend the life of the vaccine and may actually shorten the duration. They can also kill or cause major health problems. I recommend the first set of vaccines for kittens and that is it.

I find these stats unreal
and another
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Yea but he is a kitten 11 weeks old so he needs those initial boosters... I do not plan to vaccinate him every year after his first year....
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After reading all of the information on this site
I am tempted to reconsider...My initial thoughts to not vaccinate because my kitty will likely never be exposed to other cats and he is indoors turned out to be the same thing that this vet is trying to say in the article...
I think that I will take him again for boosters when he is 6 months- 1 year old. Then his immune system should be developed and he should be set for life after that. I will call my vet to see what he thinks about that, and I hope he will not argue with me.
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i don't know of your legal situation - but, in Texas, rabies vax are required by law every year.

none of mine have ever bitten me hard enough to break the skin, but if they ever should, proof of their vax will keep them from having to be on 10 day 'house arrest' [of course, they're indoor only].
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He will probably get rabies vaccine when I travel with him to Europe .....Does your vet tell you that rabies is required by law? I'm curious because my vet hasn't mentioned anything like that, so maybe it's not required by law..All in all my kitty's health is more important than breaking the law lol...Well, first I will find info on what the consequences are if it's a law and I don't vaccinate then I will decide..
I might do rabies once every three years just to be safe, but FVRCP- never after 1 year...
I just wonder how the vet will react when I take Jake for his yearly exam and refuse shots..
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no, the vet didn't tell me - but i'm aware of the laws in Texas [don't really recall exactly WHEN i learned it, tho]. check out your state's website - for example, Texas laws regarding vax can be found here.
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