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Pen Pal Members...I need your attention!

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I just heard from a member of the Pen Pal Club who has not heard a reply from the person they sent their letter & etc to. Please, please, please let the member know that you have gotten your letter and at least thank them for what you've received.

Honestly, I'm thinking about throwing in the towel with this PenPal thing. It's been really hard work and much more than I thought it would be.

So, if anyone would like to take this over just let me know. I have all the addresses and etc.

Once again, I'm urging you all to be polite and let the person know that you have received their letters. It only takes a minute of your time!
Thank you!
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I got mine.....although I don't know if Laura read that I got it. I'll email her now, and then she'll know! I was getting kind of worried that it wasn't coming, but I just figured it was all on the mail system....awful slow up this way! lol sorry if I'm insulting any CanadaPost employees....I don't mean to

Thanks Laura!
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I haven't sent mine yet but I also haven't gotten one yet. I'm sorry Shell that I am so not with it. I will send the package, it's just taking me a bit longer to do it than I'd expected due to some recent events in my life. But soon it will be out and on it's way to my PenPal - I promise!
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Sorry Shell... I will send my Pen Pal something next week, I promise. I wanted to send something to her this week, but my finances are kinda shakey right now.... So I will make it up to her by sending her something next week.
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I've also been slow in responding-work has been a bear. But my pen-pal(s) should expect letters next week.
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I haven't sent a card through snail mail..is it ok if I just send one through email instead??
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22angel - mine was great - I am sending mine today - promise!
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I sent my "cards" out.... but my pen-pal never acknowledged that she received....


Did she get them?
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I packaged mine today but I have to wait until monday to go to the post office to mail it out. It is sitting right here beside my computer, addressed and ready to go.
My penpal is Sunni, so Sunni, hang on a bit longer, its on it's way
Here is a pic of it


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I've recieved 2 very beautiful cards from my pen-pal so far. Unfortunately I haven't gotten my pen-pal cards out yet, haven't been able to get to the post office (I don't trust the mailman here to pick them up)
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Woohoo! I know my penpal ahead of time and I STILL can't wait!

Ginger you're awesome, the package itself looks like fun! Can't wait to get it!

I actually finished my package today and it will go in the mail on Monday to my penpal.
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Shell, don't be too hard on yourself. These Secret Santa kind of projects can be very frustrating for those that run them. I've never seen anyone do two of those
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