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Sphynx Question

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None of my cats will lick Cleo but they lick each other.
Do you think its becaise Cleo has no fur.
Even Coco will not lick her and she cleans all the other cats.
Cleo sleeps with her the most.
Has anyone else noticed that with their sphynx?
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Interesting observation. It has to be the lack of fur. I've seen Sphynx wash each other at a show, but never noticed if other cats (furred) washed a bald cat. Will try to watch for it at shows.
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I don't have another cat at this time. my cat grooms my dogs -- they groom her. Several family members have multiple Sphynx. They all groom each other. maybe yours will start grooming Cleo in time. She is still kinda new to them. My cats tongue hurts and irritates my skin - the sandpaper kisses. I always wondered how she can groom herself and not leave a mark. Ouch!
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Coco did lick her once but that was the day they met and only for a sec.
This is Coco sleeping with Cleo.

This is Oreo Cookie Monster wit Cleo.
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Actually mine do just the opposite, they WANT to lick Luna and also my Cresteds! My Poodles don't groom themselves but they LOVE to sit and lick the Cresteds. Luna and the Cresteds love to lick each other too, they seem to make a contest out of who can lick more, lol! At this point Luna isn't interacting with my other cat yet, they are still just observing each other, lol, so not sure if he'll groom her but we'll see!
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All of my cats groom each other, hair or not. When Bob and Bonnie first came home, they were both really bald and my siamese boys had no problem bathing them. Now, since I will only have one hairy cat, 2 semi-bald and 2 all bald, we'll see what happens. Murray the siamese gives out mandatory baths...he makes sure it's done whether you like it or not. He even washes MY hair. LOL
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Originally Posted by skewch View Post
...he makes sure it's done whether you like it or not. He even washes MY hair. LOL
mine too.
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I wonder why mine do not lick her.
They will lick dogs though.
Meeko was hugging my sisters dog when she was here.
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That's interesting! Maybe it is because she's actually exuding a more dominant personality? Cats generally groom another one to cement their dominance, the more dominant ones will groom the more submissive ones (putting them in the role of kitten). In my household, both Radar and Jacob are more dominant than Sonic and they both groom Sonic, he doesn't groom anyone else though (just gets testy when he's had enough of the others grooming him!) so maybe its an indication that she has quite a dominant personality and they don't dare treat her as kitten?
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Coco and Meeko are my boss cats.
Cleo dosent lick them either.
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All my cats groom each other, furry or hairless. I have noticed that Sprout sometimes wiggles away though - I think maybe the other cats' tongues feel too rough sometimes on his bare skin. Maybe that is the case for Cleo, and she has let the other kitties know that their sandpaper tongues are uncomfortable on her skin?
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I dont think its that because Coco licked her once and stopped within a fast.
Cleo seemed to like it.
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They are so cute together
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She is with Coco most.
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