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A few issues

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Hi guys!

Sorry in advance for the newbie questions!!!

I have a few strange issues with the cat (Her name's Dixie, 7/8 months old - that's what you get for letting a 2 year old name a cat!!)..

She has a scratching post, in the front room, which is where we both are the most of the time.

Only thing is, she will run upto it, but claw in front of it! By Centimeters!!!

If i am sorting the washing in the other room, she'll come upto me and claw the carpet nearby (Not as close as to the post).

Has anyone got any ideas on how to stop her doing this? I'm gonna get a few more pads etc when i can so she has more than one..

The other issue, is peeing where she shouldn't... I got her trained, but she does it in the morning, when i am up in bed - obviously i don't wan't her peeing anwhere she shouldn't and especially in my bedroom!!

I know clean litter count's on this, but last time, i had changed the litter no more than 1 hour before bed that evening.

Any help'd be great! Even if i'm missing something simple!!!


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Hi and welcome to TCS! You have come to the right place to look for advice and share common situations.
There are specific threads that may be able to help you, just read them thoroughly and remember Dixie doesn't know shes doing anything wrong.
Here's one for inappropriate peeing behavior....
As far as the scratching post, cats like to scratch on the side of something as well as flat (horizontal and vertical). I would place a rough area mat/rug where the scratching post is. Encourage this area to be the place to scratch and sharpen her claws. They also will often scratch when they get excited, in a playful behavior. If she starts to display this behavior where you don't want her to, clap your hands, snap your fingers, loud ssshhh, and say no firmly but calm while pointing away. When you first practice this, you may have to approach her, shoo her away, but be consistent with your approach. If done consistently and properly, this will work for many corrections, counters, table tops, furniture.....Everyone in the house needs to be consistent or she will not understand the correction, but think its the person she has to react to.
Oh yeah, forgot to ask a very important question.....Is she spayed?
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Hi! Thanks for the quick reply!

I currently clap at her when she does anything she shouldn't, so that always stays.
Just picking her and putting her on the floor stopped her coming up onto the table/sofa when i was eating, so i think that may work for other things as well.

She's not been spayed yet.. Am i right in thinking that may calm her down a bit as well?
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