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A little company while taking a nap

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Today was very rainy, cold, and generally nasty, so it seemed like the perfect day for a nap. I kicked up the footstool on my recliner, flipped off the lights, and leaned back. Within 5 minutes, this cast of characters had joined me:

From left to right, we have Promise, Thufir, Tiny, and Tre.

Amazingly, it turned out to be a really great nap, although I did feel a bit suffocated.
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wow! what wonderful company you had for your nap!
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I know what that's like!! They wuvs you!
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They are just keeping you warm
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Hey, who needs a blanket with companions like that?
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That's what happens to me when my three jump up
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I'm jealous! Neither of my two will sit in a lap to save their lives.

I'll bet your nap was a toasty warm one!
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That is SO sweet
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Whee!! A kitty pile with a human component!
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Awww. There is nothing like a kitty, or kitties, taking a nap with you.
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Thanks for all the comments. My kitties are blushing under their fur.

It was a perfect storm of events that came together with this particular nap. First, it's uncommon that all 4 join me at once -- 1-2 is more typical. Then, there was the fact that I had been reading the manual (on the arm of the chair in the picture) for my new digital camera and playing with said camera before I decided to take a nap. As a result, I was able to grab it and snap these shots without disturbing the kitties. Typically when this happens I just have to sigh and *wish* that I had a camera.
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That is to funny! Maia is a repeat offender of curling up between my legs while I sleep, but I couldn't imagine 4 competing for the perfect spot!
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I know that feeling all too well! I guess you had kitty approval for that nap!
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I"ve had naps like that! How cute your babies are!
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best kind of blanket in the world!
What a lovely fur gang you have.
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