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Leeloo goes psycho at the vet!!

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my cat Leeloo is 4 and has always been a terror at the vet. we always went to the same guy and her behavior gradually got worse and worse. we tried acepromazine (sp?) and valium and she just freaks out on them, the sedation doesn't work and once she even fainted in the vets office from freaking out so much. he told me not to give her the sedatives anymore because of the fainting incident.

I am taking her to a new vet for the first time today (I love my old vet but we just moved across the country I wish I could have brought the vet with us!) she is overdue for her yearly appointment and I've put it off for too long. but I am so nervous about bringing her.

the last time she had an appointment was her health exam I needed to bring her on the plane when I moved in July and the vet didn't even take her out of the carrier, she kept LUNGING at him!

its so funny because she is the biggest sweetheart in the world at home!

anyone have any advice on what I should do today at the new vet? we leave in a few hours and I just am having all these bad thoughts about whats going to happen!
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Fifth Element fan?

I've never heard of a cat fainting, but strong emotions can make some people faint and all animals have an autonomic nervous system - so it's not impossible.

Maybe she needs to be handled as a feral would? Usually they have them in humane traps and tranquilize the more wild ones before removing them. I suggest you do have a chat with your vet and their staff about this. They may know of another solution or of a better new vet to handle it.
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lol when we were naming her we were watching the fifth element ^_^

when she fainted she was taken into the back away from us and they were gone a long time... he came back in and she was pretty limp and told us that they had to put her on oxygen because she was freaking out then suddenly just passed out from overexertion. we figured out that putting her on the sedatives had her stressed out (sounds funny I know), she would freak out at home and it was a whole battle to get her to even take them. and then once she did she would hide, already upset by the time we brought her to the vet. so all that mixed together caused her too much anxiety I suppose.

I'm going to see how she behaves today and definitely ask them if they know of a better solution if she is impossible to care for today.
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