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Mini furry mafia photoshoot!

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I haven't taken their pics in a while, and no one was very co-operative

Severino and Pepino hanging out together!

Severino looks happy

It's me, Mario!

Lucia and Pepino enjoying their new cat tree!

Pepino is getting so big!

Sophia checking out her brother Joey outside!

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Awww, I love that picture of Mario the best - but I'm not biased or anything!

Looks like we both had the same idea today, Helen - more photos of my crew will be posted shortly!
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Best pic of Soph ever!
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I am so in love with Mario
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That's little Pepino!?!?! such a handsome young man he's grown up to be!! That pic of him and Sev is so sweet All your babies are just gorgeous, Helen
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I just loove miss Sophia's baby blue eyes !!
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You know I can't choose a favorite in your bunch, but I would love to hug and kiss them all. They truly are a beautiful crew and Pepino has certainly grown up.
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Looking at Pepino's body there is like looking at Jack! Yes their going to be big boys alright

Sev looks like he's leaning on Pepino as well awwww

Those girls of yours are gorgeous And Mario's eyes
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Wow! Look at Pepino grow!
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you have some real stunners there!
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Holy huge Pepino!
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Those are great pics of your crew!

Whenever I see Mario, it makes me jones for a flamepoint!

Sev is just a sweetheart! Lucia is such a puffball! What a gorgeous girl! That picture of Sofia looking out the window startled me...she looked so much like Sabina! So of course then, I think she's beautiful!
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Thank you all Pepino IS getting so big I can't get over it, he was only 1 lb when we got him He was weighed this week at the vet, and he's 9 lbs already
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I can`t believe how big Pepino is now! He looks so sleek and healthy.

I still want to steal Lucia
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All your cats are beautiful and handsome. However, I love Lucia Bella's 'eyeliner'. Give her a salmon treat for me, please. ( I cheated and looked on her page. )
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Sev is mine!!! I love that boy!

Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
[size="3"] Pepino IS getting so big I can't get over it, he was only 1 lb when we got him
Poor little baby. He's so lucky to have found his home with you and your furry gang. I hope he doesn't feel left out for being a little fluff-challenged!
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I love seeing pictures of your beautiful fur family. I find it very hard to pick a favorite! Thanks for Sharing
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I can't believe how big Pepi is getting!

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Your kitties are beautiful!
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