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New Penny Pictures

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Since we were discussing spots vs marbling on Bengals, I decided to take some new pictures of Princess Penny. They were long overdue, anyway.

Here she is today, looking out at the bird feeder - we have a couple of pairs of cardinals that come visit every day.

And some shots taken just to show her interesting marbling from both sides:

Extreme close-up on her other side (she was sitting, so it isn't a full shot.) Her marbling actually contains really elongated spots that are sort of stuck together.

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There's my pretty girl! Nice pic's Betsy!
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She's so pretty
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Ohhhhh there's that gorgeous Penny! Such a beautiful girl, thanks for the pics!
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She has a stunning coat!!
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She's VERY gorgeous!
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She's a beauty! Her coat looks so shiny and healthy!
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Aww adorable!!!! Her fur is soo shiny too!! Is that another trait of a bengal, because I notice how most bengals look like their fur is very straight and looks really a perfect length and shine..
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She's gorgeous! thanks for the new pics

ut0pia - A lot of bengals have a very shiny, silky feeling coat, it's often called 'pelted'. It's usually short but fairly thick, very plush and velvety to the touch. I don't think I've petted a softer cat than a bengal.
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Penny is MUCH more velvety to the touch than Max is, but he has more glitter in his coat than she does, so it evens out.
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Stunning markings! She's beautiful.
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Your on a roll with the pictures Betsy, and about time!

What a gorgeous glossy coat Penny has
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Love the close up pic
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She is such a pretty girl
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She's beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
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