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adapting to a new home - help

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Okay, here is the situation:
My mom and dad have - One male cat in the house - neutered, 13 yrs old, very teritorial.
2 cats in the yard - male (not neutered) and female, just had her babies and we rarely see her these days.

Now, 2 weeks ago a stray cat "adopted" me in my office. A ginger tabby, the sweetest cat. Very VERY friendly, loves people. I am almost sure someone just kicked him out. As a volunteer at a cat shelter, I have seen these things happen ALL the time. So I waited, and this little fellow came in every day, staying longer each time, until he practically stayed there all day. My heart was just torn to hear his cries outside. My boss, of course, did not allow me or the other girls to feed it, or pay attention to it, so we had to do it behind his back...

So, today I took my car and my big carrier, and asked my mom is they are interested in that cat, and the answer was - YES!!! So I brought him to them. We stopped by at the vet who gave him all the vaccinations, and found out he was neutered.
Now Im at my parent's house. The cat is in my room, behind closed doors. I need to eventually adapt him to our yard, without our cats scaring him off for good. I don't have much time to do it all, since I have to head back to my apartment in 2 days. The ginger - who got the name - "Peanut" in the meantime, is getting a bit impatient, and craves to go outside the room - but my big indoor cat lurks him...

Sorry for the length... I Need you help!!!!! Im getting desperate here, starting to think I didn't do the right thing.
Any advice?
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Thanks for taking this cat and making him part of a family. Because of the time frame you give, you won't be able to make proper introductions, so in order to speed it along, I would do the rubbing of the towel on both cats, blending the smells, switching the beds of the cats, and do the toys on a string under the door, so they can play and meet each other through the crack in the door. Where you have one toy tied on one side of the door, and the other toy on the other end, the string on the floor going underneath the door, so when a cat on one end pounces on it, the other cat sees it and they play. They you switch the toys around so they get used to each others scent that way as well.
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Thanks Hissy, but there's a problem -
My older cat - Noki (13 yrs old) - hasn't played with any of his toys for such a long time.. all he does is sleep. unless of course, there's a cat in the house .

Now, he does go out sometimes, so maybe that can help.

Do you think there's anyway of getting the new cat used to the yard at all? If I leave my parents with directions and all?
I understand that 2 days are a crazy thought...

I will try the switching-of-scents. Noki doesn't really have a bed, he has a coutch (spell*?)! . I will try putting a towl under him or something similar.

By the way: someone told me to take Peanut in the carrier outside - let the outdoor cats smell him and all. I'm not sure if he wont panic that way. What do you think?

(p.s. Mary Anne - You got my name perfectly! thanks! )
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You can do the outside carrier, but the cat inside the carrier might freak out. Certainly, you will have growling and swatting as the two get to know each other. But cats are usually accepting of each other, and in this situation, this will apply as well. When you do let the new cat out in the yard, be sure to have a big bowl of tasty wet cat food out so he knows not to stray to far. He must be beautiful for him to catch your eye, considering all the cats you see on a given day. Good luck!

BTW I am working on that project for CWSI, it should be put together by the end of the week. Thanks for helping me with it.
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Oh, boy, were you right! I took peanut out in the carrier, and introduce him to Mikey - our white prince of the yard. Mikey seemed amused, but not that interested, while Peanut sat, growling, huffing and puffing... I gave them both a big bowl of Yummy Cat food, but only Mikey ate. He seemed very pleased!

I took Peanut back in so he won't be to overwhelmed, and I gave him a T-shirt with which I pet Mikey before. I hope this helps... I can see now its going to take a long long time.

And regarding Peanut's look... He is a Ginger cat, with big yellow eyes, and a very wide funny-looking red nose, which makes him look a lot like a leopard! I took him mainly because he is the sweetest creature, and I couldn't leave him alone in the office, not knowing where will his next meal comes from. And I certainly didn't want to bring him to the CWSI, another mouth to feed... so... Here I Am! I hope this works out, and Peanut will be happy.

If you have more ideas, I am ALL EARS!!!

BTW, Hissy, don't hesitate to ask if you need further help! (I loved what you already wrote!)
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Today I took Peanut out in te carrier for the fourth time - and still, he is very much annoyed. Growling, hissing and such. He doesn't touch the food I give him - not until he's back in the room in the house.
I have no doubt that if I let him out of the carrier outside - he will "run away", and dissapear forever.

Is it even possible to adapt him to the yard without going through the ouse first?
Do I have to let him out of the room first? Our indoor cat - Noki is already lurking outside his door, for a day now. He seems more intruiged than anything else, but we know once Peanut is out and about - Noki will attack - no doubt.

Today Im leaving my mom alone with them. She is not as patient and understanding like me - with cats, and I need to leave her with some hope and instructions. She is pressured easily (but Im working on it).
If I let Peanut out in the house - and Noki will attack him - how bad is it? should I really be that scared of it? Maybe its the best solution - just let them fight? Im not sure. It doesn't seem right. And we have a big house, with places they can hide for months in...

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Hey, just a quick update...

I talked with Anne yesterday, and she came up with the perfect solution -
This weekend we're building a "yard within a yard" - just closing up a part of our veranda with some nets, and Peanut will stay there, until he gets used to the sites and smells, and make it his own teritory.

I will let you know how it went!
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