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Please help!! Need Advice for Crazy, Neurotic Cat!!

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Hello fellow cat-lovers:

I just joined this forum because I need your help!!

I have an eight year old male tabby that is driving his family nuts!! Mylo has always been an eccentric, vocal cat that cannot get enough attention (I suspect this is the root of all of his problems- his family often works late and cannot give him enough attention); however, he has reached a new level of neurosis that even the most patient of owners cannot tolerate. I am looking for advice on how to tame this wild beast because I fear that the only other option would be a shelter or a local farm.
Mylo used to be an indoor-outdoor cat; however, after moving to the city he can no longer go outside safely. Now he entertains himself by doing wind-sprints up and down our hallway at 3 in the am while howling like nothing I have ever heard. I try to make sure he has the best food, the best litter, a water-fountain that dispenses clean water, lots of toys to keep him entertained- but this isn't enough. We now have to feed Mylo small portions three times a day to keep him from engorging himself until he gets sick.

Despite being neutered and having a clean litter-box, every time a new rug or carpet is brought into the house Mylo feels it is his duty to mark this (even "No-Mark" sprays do very little to discourage this behavior).
The more we get upset with him, the more he acts out and the cycle continues.
Mylo wants nothing more in life than to sit on your lap for hours on end (the ultimate lover)- but if he doesn't get to do this all hell breaks loose.

Mylo would do best with someone that is home often and has enough time to sit with him every night. I've noticed that when I was home sick and had enough time to cuddle him Mylo was a completely different cat. Also it would help if he was able to go outside and use up some of his energy. I do not want to send Mylo to a shelter because of the thousands of cats that need homes but I fear that if I don't do something he will tear my family apart.

Please give me some advice on how to keep Mylo from howling at night, how to break his addiction to food, and what else I can do to keep him happy.
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If a big part of it is loneliness, I wonder if another cat or dog would help? Though I can't imagine that would improve the marking issue - feliaway diffusers may help.
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I have always found in the many many years I've had cats that 2 is better than one because they play off of each other. If it is a possibility that your situation can handle another cat, it could really help the situation. I realize not everyone can do this, but it could be an answer. Feliway diffusers do calm them down. Good luck.
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In addition to the other advice offered: New toys can help ease their boredom some too; like a toy furred mouse or mini-tennis ball. Also, cat trees! Cats love those. They have a major urge to climb and find high places to rule their domain (it's the cat's house, not your, after all LOL). Most tall cat trees also have little cubbies where they can snuggle up either high up (which is obviously best ) or near the floor. The more elaborate the more they can play with it but a simple, inexpensive model would do the trick.
Also, when my mom's cats were kittens they terrorized the whole house. Everything was fair game for climbing and ricocheting off of as they chased each other around at full speed, with that slightly crazed look in their eyes. I used to put lavender essential oil in a pot of boiling water and let is simmer and steam up the room with the cats for a while (a steaming humidifier works too just put the lavender oil where you'd normally put the sinus relief oil). It usually calms them right down and doze off, as well as making you feel nicely relaxed and mellow. However, as with any cat-nap, once they wake up, they're full of energy again.
If all else fails, best of luck. I'm about to continue my search for help with my own little psycho. LOL
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