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They are NOT yours!

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Hi, my 18month cat,Tabitha has a habit of "stealing" things! Like candels (tea lights) lids,pens,anything she can get in her mouth she carries around, this morning it was the plug out of the bath!Even my scarf isn't safe! Sometimes she hides them but not often. I dont mind her doing this,i keep anything harmful out of her reach,but im forever having to take things off her! She plays with her toys like any other cat but prefers mine! Can anyone tell me why she does this? I dont know if it is to do with the bathroom, she does play in it (empty!) with her sister.
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One of the first rules of cat ownership: if it isn't labeled a cat toy, then it is a cat toy.

Lucy likes to push small things off my desk. Once they hit the floor, she is no longer interested. She enjoys playing with dried spaghetti and bits of paper. Rarely does she look at the official cat toys. (though lately she has and I think it is because she's been watching Carly play with them).

Much will drag any clothing she can find around the house. She has dragged sweatshirts but is now more partial to socks since she is getting older. I actually leave out some small hand towels for her to drag around.

I'm not sure what the appeal of random objects is but if any manufacturer of cat toys could figure it out, they would make a bundle.
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I'm going to guess, that with clothing items especially, that it's because it smells like you.
No idea about the odder items like candles, other than it being because she can.
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Speaking of sent, my Mum and i have two horses,although i don't see them very often,when my mum comes to visit,she takes off her jumper,(which she has worn down the stables) and she doesn't get chance to put it on the floor! Tabitha goes absolutly mad over it, she will first attack it,then drool all over it then grab the jumper in both paws and rub it all over her face! we have experimented with this and the jumper has to have the sent of the stables and be be warm! I know Tabitha is a whisker short of a full set but thats Not right!!
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