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Supplements for Cats.

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Anyone know of any supplements for cats specifically aimed at bone or joint health.

When Pixie was first arrived at the SPCA she had been badly hurt, they suspected that she had most likely been kicked several times. She had a broken rib or two, a dislocated right shoulder and a broken leg. Luckily because she was such a friendly, good-natured kitty they decided to have her leg repaired instead of putting her down. It could have gone either way but I am so happy they decided to give her a chance.

However, I think she is starting to have some issue's with arthritis. Although she hasn't been limping or anything I have noticed that lately she like to have the area around her shoulder massaged and just loves having the heating pad put on it when I am using it.

I have made a vets appointment for Wednesday to maybe do some x-rays and see what's going on, but any information anyone could add would help.
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There some info in this post:
that may be of help to you

I'm just copy and pasting what I wrote in the above post:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are great for arthritis in both pets and humans The combo has been shown to lubricate joints and much more.

My dog has arthritis in her hips ( diagnosed via xray) and my vet recommended a supplement similiar...being on a limited income, I inquired about using the human supplements. The vet gave me the correct dosage and I've been using it with Brandy since then. Her followup xrays (1yr after) showed slight improvement... ( no worsening, which is what might have happened if I did not give her the supplement)

If you find cost an issue, definately talk to your vet about using the human supplement.

I am very "pro" G&C because of the personal experience I've had with it.
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info to discuss with your vet

worked for a number of animals ... so far three dogs and two cats( not all are mine) that I personally now of ...

ligaplex and ligaplex 2 ... work for humans , dogs and cats ...

Many joint supplements work for some and not others ... so look up and take with as much info as you can
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Callie gets Cosequin once a day. I can get it at Petco, but it's cheaper online at many sources and I can get it in a larger quantity.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I made a note of them and I will talk to the vet about them on Wednesday. I would like to begin with some preventive treatment right away as I am certain she will have trouble with that shoulder in the future. She is such a sweetheart I want to give her every chance possible to have a normal life even if it didn't start out that way.
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In reference to the link, I know Kasey, my rescue tortie was kicked, on top of some other stuff.

She seems to be responding fairly well to Dr. Maggies Joint Formula. I don't expect a complete "cure" but results are encouraging.

She may never ever be reprimanded for jumping on the kitchen counter from the floor but she is moving more freely, especially on the stairs and started to do the typical "cat stretch" about three weeks ago; the first time she has done that since she came home in May 2008.
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I'm a great fan of Joint Care from Foster & Smith. It helped my late pom mix a great deal with her knee issues. I believe they have a formulation for cats. It comes in liver and vanilla flavors.

Check with your vet first, of course.
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Kitty used to take one 800mg chicken flavour tab of gloucosamine every night. It worked wonders on him He had a few issues with his hips I think and when I ran out and he didn`t get it for 2 days he had trouble jumping up on the bed and sofa. As it was chicken flavour he ate it like a treat which was great too.

His was called Seraquin.
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