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HELP!!!CONFUSED of my female kittem

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Hi everybody out there, i have a female kitten who is around 11 months old which weighs 2.5kg.Her belly is a bit bloated.She always vomits and her stools got some reddish solvents.She got diahhare too.I am confused is she pregnant ????or sick.Just so worry .
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She needs to see a vet as soon as possible. It could be so many things, and diagnosing her over the Internet is virtually impossible. Please take her to a vet quickly. And please let us know what he says.
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I really don't know what is wrong with your kitty, but I suggest taking her to the Vet ASAP! Her symptoms are not normal and for her sake, I'd take her to visit the Vet.

I'm sure the experts can help you more. I hope that she's ok and that she gets better soon. Good luck to you and to your furbaby!
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Well, this is not my cat, cos her owner dun want to bother .We have speak to him in regards that he should bring this female cat by the name spooky to the vet for a check up.But her owner refused , i think he is too stingy or may be does not care.So i am posting on net to see if i can get a valuable answer and try to convince the owner to take her to vet.thank for the help
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Ok well here is some of what it might be: distemper, salmonella, ecoli, infectious disease, coccidia, giardia, worms....
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So you mean she wun have the chance of being a preg cat???not possible???
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If she is pregnant and she is vomiting and has bloody stool she NEEDS a vet.IMMEDIATELY
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I agree completely, this cat needs to be seen by a vet immediately! If the owner will not take the cat to be examined, will he allow you to take it?
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I would try stressing to the owner that the cat really needs to be checked out by a professional. This cat is probably seriously ill - if not inaction most likely will cause the poor thing to become even sicker. Try interceding if at all possible.
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