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Saturday! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Sunny today but a very chilly -28C.

Just puttering around the house this morning, then this afternoon I am attending a Snowflake Tea at the United Church. The United Church Women's Group is something my aunt belongs to and they sponsor a Church Tea every few months to raise money for different church activities. They are really nice to attend with all the ladies making special desserts to be served with the tea. Lots of cakes, cookies, tarts, and squares. They do believe in keeping up with the times as well because you have your choice of regular tea, green tea, or a selection of herb teas as well. The whole afternoon costs about $5 so it's well worth the money and you just can't get that type of gossip elsewhere.

After that I need to stop off at the drugstore and the pet store for supplies.

Might grab a movie for this evening depends on if I have the time.

The kitties are all birdwatching this morning, I put some birdseed out earlier and there are tons of birds at the feeder right now.

Hope everyone has a great day and if it's cold where you are try and stay warm
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well...we are supposed to get 10 inches of snow today,but nothing yet, maybe it hasnt started yet. mark got his truck back YAY!!!! so we are going shopping! i love driving the truck in the snow.

im also going to pack up a few more bags of clothes i havent worn in forever and take to the salvation army.

later on tonite we are going to try and watch some movies, i feel bad everytime me n mark rent movies im passed out in 10m minutes! now TV i can watch that til 3-4am, but movies i get very bored, maybe i have add or something.
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Morning my friend!...

Waiting in the office for the hour to go back at home with DW & Kitts...

I hope have a nice saturday!...
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I want to vacuum the furniture today because my allergies have been really bothering me.

After that I need to go to Safeway to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. Given the amount of grocery shopping I did in December to restock my cupboards, this will be a short and not too expensive trip.

Then I need to do a load of laundry.

And then I have to shower and get ready because I'm taking my brother and is SO out for dinner this evening.
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Well our county messed up the the recycling hauler and contract so we are without recycling pickup for the 1st half of the year. Our town will have drop off twice/month so we loaded up the truck and hauled the stuff over.

Then with the artic air coming aerly next week I shoveled snow over several shrubs that might not survive as well as protecting my larger japanese maple. Depending on evening temps Wed-Thursday I may need to protect that tree even further!

So just did some picking up around the house and Neil is out in his garage/workshop messing around.

No big plans for the rest of the day-might play some Wii sports for exercise though.
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I have to work today until 3, then when I get home, I will be digging out from all the snow
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
I have to work today until 3, then when I get home, I will be digging out from all the snow
We THOUGHT we were getting our hair cut today, but found out it's next week, so we went to Brunch and then to pick up catfood and litter. I've got a roast thawing for tonight.
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I went to work in the morning.

Now it is snowing and we're supposed to get like 10 I think today is a good day to sit inside and do nothing.
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Morning folks!

Well I've already been up fed my kitties and been to the gym for 40 minutes.

Now I'm going to spend a short time on TCS then have a shower and get ready to drive to my Nana's for lunch - she lives about 20 mins away. She's got heaps of kittens to sell so I'll be taking pictures of them.

After that I need to organise my kitts before I go up North tomorrow!

Have a good weekend y'all!
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Woke up around 8:30am this morning, then rode with Rob to work. Took the car and went to the mall to use up a gift card I've had for awhile, after someone hit my car on accident and felt bad about it (even though I told him it wasnt bad and not to worry). Bought a white palmetto tree decal for the Acura's rear window, and some plastic cups with palm trees on it to use as "outside cups" instead of my good ones. Also bought the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. They're really light-weight too. I dont want to take them off

Came back to the house and read "Alas, Babylon" by Pat Frank (very good fiction book about nuclear war with Russia in the '50s), surfed the internet, bid on ebay for some weights to work out with. Picked Rob up at 6:30pm and went to Chili's for date night, then to Best Buy to get some movies. Last movie purchases since we'll be doing NetFlix when we're in the house in a few weeks

Now I'm looking into a pole dancing class to get into better shape and tone up a little. They just opened a studio in Summerville It averages to $23/week, and that's do-able for me! Probably going to head to bed in a few though, as it's already 11pm. Gotta take the furbabies to the vet tomorrow for check ups.
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Oh we had a very busy day...we started off having breakfast with friends at our friends house. Then we went out delivering calendars for a charity for about 4 hours..then we went to visit Josh's grandma..then we came home and cuddle for a little bit on the couch
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I went out for a swim and some aquajogging today - gotta work those "muscles" that I have.

Then I went around to my sisters and picked up my nieces copy of Twilight so I can see what all this hype is about. I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and I was thinking how handsome Cedric Diggory was and I was very surprised that it was Robert Pattinson. Wow. (I had never seen him in anything so I couldn't understand why he was so popular with the ladies )

I have just finished dinner and will wait for my tummy to settle before I step on the Wii fit and watch an episode of the X-Files while I step. I might box a couple of rounds on the Wii too.
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I think I'll be cleaning today. I dont get out much as my two liver problem kitties need fed every two hours so I'll be doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen/bathroom...ooh, maybe I'll make that chicken recipe that was posted a few days ago!
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