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Just for that, I'm leaving!

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Well, sort of. Here in about 3 hours, we're heading out to Houston. Stay there overnight, then going to Galveston to get on the Voyager of the Seas for a seven-day cruise visiting Cozumel, Roatan (look it up), and Costa Maya. They have an internet cafe on board, so I should be able to at least check in while I'm gone.

You can see the ship on Sunday at this web cam, if it's working:

Galveston Port Web Cam

Right now, it looks like it hasn't updated for a few hours. You can actually watch the ships leave at about 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Here's a web cam of the "central mall" in the ship:

You can tell if this one is current by checking the time on the clock on the wall. Our cabin is, I think, on the left side of ths photo, one of the windows looking out on the mall.
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How fun is that....
have a wonderful time.
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Have a nice and safe trip my friend!...
be sure to bring us lots of
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Have fun
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Wow! Have fun!!
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i was in Houston recently i just got back have a Great trip
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Boy am i jealous!! Hope you have a fantastic time & get some fun in the sun!!
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I'm aboard the ship. If you look at the web cam, on the right side of the photo there is a yellow swirly hanging. Our cabin is right by that hanging.

Maybe I'll post a time that I'll be down where you can see me, so I can wave hello.

By the way, it's still pretty cool here. We haven't outrun the cold front, yet.
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I see they change the hangings on a regular basis. However, if you can see a "tardis" (British telephone booth) down the way on the right, our cabin is the second window up from that.

In Cozumel today. Cloudy, some rain around, but warm.
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Hey, Mike! Make sure you make a scrapbook of your trip and send it to me! Have a great time. Rosemary
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