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I might be moving

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I am starting to think about moving out of this apartment into another one about 3-4 blocks away. I'm just sick and tired of the "care" the landlord gives this place. Our parking lot has been plowed maybe 3 times this entire year(at one point in time we had over 2 feet of snow on the ground). Its now a skating rink with about 4 inches of ice in it and no salt or any preventative measures for slipping in sight. The sidewalks and outdoor stairs aren't much better and I've slipped(thankfully on my way up) many times trying to get up to my apartment. Then there is the level of care that he gives the apartments. If you send a repair notice it takes about 5-6 weeks for him to even call you back so you can set an apointment in another month or two. After the second time my dad drove up from Chicago to fix things I decided that I wasn't going to try to put in any more repair notices. Well now I have a fire hazard on my hands because my front door won't open any more. I have to fight with it for 5 minutes to get it open and then once its open it doesn't want to shut.

So I'm thinking about moving but the problem is I can't move until June and then I would only be in town until I graduate which at most would be another year. So I don't want to move and then have to move again a year later. That and I think there will be about a 100 dollar increase in rent which I don't think I can aford despite working 3 jobs next semester. The place I want to move is an excellent facility that actually has air conditioning(which is a vast impovement over this hell hole). I'm not sure if they take pets though, with the apartments being so nice I kind of doubt it but I am going to call on Monday to see how much a one bedroom apartment is going for and if they take pets.

So I need vibes for making a decision because I don't know if I want to move just to have to move again, but this place is driving me up a wall and if I don't do something soon, I think I might just rip the door of the hinges so I don't have to deal with it anymore.
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My condo allowed pets, but I had to pay a non-refundable $600.00 deposit.

of course, that was when I actually had money

But the point is, nice places allow that too, some just charge a lot.
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Isn't there a college close to where your parent's live? Maybe you can transfer there, move back in with them and keep working and pay them some money every month towards your keep and you can also help them with household chores like yard work.
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If you look in the government section of the local phone book-under the city section there should be a dept for a building inspector. If you cannot find one I would see if there is a non-emergency number for the fire dept or stop by the fire dept. You should be able to file a complaint then. Or maybe the university has an office that could direct you to a phone number to call about landlord problems.

Try this too:http://datcp.state.wi.us/cp/consumer...ts/tenants.jsp
The telephone number on the bottom of the page could point you in the right direction.
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I agree with GailC, call your cities building inspector or planning department and complain. Make a list a head of time with everything you want them to know about and have dates if you can. Check you lease as well as your city/states renter's rights (Where I live, the landlord is required to provide you with a copy when you move in) because it will tell you alot. For instance, here the landlord has to begin to fix non-emergeny repairs within 2weeks and finish within 6 and for emergency repairs they must fix them with 24-48 hours. Also, you might want to send a letter to your landlord reminding them that the lots need to be maintianed or they are setting themselves up for a lawsuit when somebody slips and breaks their neck.

But, definitely call the city. They can force the landlord to make changes if its in violation of city laws and codes. If its not violating a law or a code, the city still has other ways to getting a landlord to shape up too.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Isn't there a college close to where your parent's live? Maybe you can transfer there, move back in with them and keep working and pay them some money every month towards your keep and you can also help them with household chores like yard work.
I would do that but I'm almost done with school(2-3 more semesters) so doing a transfer wouldn't make sense. And my brother is already living at home because he has a lot of credit problems so they don't need a full house anymore at almost 60. That and the job I want to get would be about 4 hours away from where they live so it would be a bit of a commute every day(8 hours total).

That front door is going to be the death of me I swear...this morning it was another stuggle to get it to open. When I have money again I'm going to go to the hard ware store and get some things to try to fix it my self. I was also happy to see the nice 2-3 inches of snow waiting for me on the steps this morning, that makes it fun walking down slick frozen metal steps. I swear I should just fall once and then sue them.
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