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All my guys are FELV and FIV neg!! An update on grant (bitey kitty)

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Well we took grant (granet mr bitey kitten! ) to the vet and got him shots and tested and they gave us the results right then!! He is neg! Appears to be in good health, doesn't even have ear mites!! They think he is around 6 to 7 weeks at the oldest. He weighted 1.5 pounds. Dh and I decided he will be staying with us inside, he is going to be a project cat . His tabby brother has a home ( a 17 year old he works with said she really wants him...but we want to clear it with the parents first) He should be leaving next week sometime.
Grant got loose at the vets office when they were trying to weigh him and they had to chase him that was kinda funny!!!
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Just curious about what you mean by a project cat?
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he is going to be alot of work we are going to have to really teach him everything. Hopefully moe and neo will be able to help. He needs to learn how to play nice with other cats, his litter habits are okay but need work, we also have to earn his trust...so he is a big project!
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we are going to have to really teach him everything...
Do you own a pair of safety goggles?
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aww... What good news!! Granet seems like a growing kitty. Good luck with the baby Val.
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Hmm..think I will send a first aid kit and lots of Bactine and band-aids your way, Val! Fortunately, you got Grant at an age where you should be able to socialize him pretty well, especially with his big brothers Moe and Neo to help! Keep us posted!

And...we want more pictures of ALL your kittens!!!!
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i'm going to try to do alittle photo shoot with them this weekend. The kittens are getting so big!! they can climb up the kitty condo, and when they walk up to mommy she grunts and looks away, so i guess she is starting to wean. I think that nimby is bigger the grant and grant is two week older!! Nimby is going to be one BIG kitty! blizzy is the funny on of the group. She likes to smack the other kittens and jump on them I'll try to get some cute picks this weekend! Once they are weaned they will meet grand and hopefully they can all be friends. Then they all get to meet moe and neo...don't know how much they are going ot like that!
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That's good that he's in good health! Good luck with your project kitty!
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Val, he's young enough he'll learn just fine. The hardest part is going to be just simply earning his trust and giving him the space he wants and needs. But you've got enough other "projects" to keep you busy!

Glad he's in good health.

I feel bad for little Grant....I doubt he thought being chased around in a cold scary place by a bunch of strangers was funny!

When Gary finally trapped one of the hardest cats we had around here to trap - and one of the meanest (we named him Attila) - he got loose at the Vet's too, but he got loose when they were trying to get him from the cage into the crate after being neutered. He got up behind the x-ray machine, and he was such a meanie we left rather than make them try to get him while we waited. We figured it would be less stressful for everyone and Attila that way. The Vet's office called several hours later when he finally came out on his own, and they were able to crate him. Poor guy. He's a fiesty old man, and we see him almost every day stalking around here. He must have a large territory, actually, because we saw him stalking through a neighbor's lawn - a little over half a mile from here.
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On Bravo's only trip to the vet to be neutered, he got loose and trashed their surgical room. And I mean trashed it! Made it so most of the equipment had to be re-sterilized and surgeries put off. Thankfully, we weren't held accountable for it, because they thought he was under, and he wasn't. But he was sure traumatized when we got him home, I guess the chase was to much for him. It took me two weeks to get close to him again, he was so stressed out. It is not fun for ferals to be chased, it brings out their worst fears.
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Poor little scared baby. Its the tabby kitten so wild too? he is such a little guy, I would think that he should tame down.Whats the news on the mother. Cant wait to see how the white babies have grown.
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yep the tabby is wild to. Grant has a tabby brother and a long hair all gray sister. His brother and sister are friendly as can be. Sis is adopted and the tabby adoption is pending. Grant is just alittle scardy baby. Hubby is so in love with him!

He was okay after he got caught in the vets office. They wrapped him in a nice towel and took him out of the room when they were drawing blood and giving shots so he would not think we were doing it to him. So when he was just getting looked at and petted we were there with him. I think he will calm down, he is such a cutie!! Grant goes back on June 5th for more shots and nimby and stormy are going for the first set!
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Great News!!
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Oh yeah! I almost forgot to ask! How are the kittens doing?
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The kittens are getting so big!! Nimby is HUGE! I think he is as big as grant! They are all climbing up and down the kitty condo and doing great!! I haven't seen them eating yet but they were drinking water! How are your guys doing?
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My babies are so big! I wish they were just born! They are CRAZY! They love chasing feather toys and glitter balls. Zues climbs the curtains! Chaos is still the most laid back kitten. They all to lick everything in sight, escpecially my face! They are all climbing, jumping, running, pouncing but not eating solids. I can't eait until I can feed them cat food!
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