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Hi, my two cats, Tabitha and Daisy have got fleas. Although they are house cats,(we live too close to a busy road) . There is a cat from a few houses away that thinks our block of flats is her home, and people let her in, this is how my girls have got them.Can anynone tell me how to get rid of them safely?, as i can't use the usual methods as i have 2 fisk tanks. I have tried the homemade flea trap,plate,honey and a night lite but it didn't work. Thanx
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The best way is with Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution, which you apply to the cat's neck.
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Thanks,i have frontline, i was looking for info on how to rid the house of them too.
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Alot of people seem to use DE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatomaceous_earth

I don't know if it is available to you or not. If not, I've never heard of the honey trick but I have had success with a nightlight and container of water, as well as just vaccuming often. I found the fleas would much rather try to go on the cat, who was treated, and would end up dying anyways, so all I did was the nightlight traps and vaccummed ALOT.
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Great, thanx,i was thinking of using a flea bomb but products like that i can't really use cause of the fish.Thanx for replying cheers
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If you use the Frontline, pretty quickly the house will be cleared out, too.
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